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28 Dec 2014
Football is played on the pitch, but many times the words can mark an entire season. This first part is listing the best quotes related to Deportivo during the first six months of 2014.

Jan 20: Diogo Salomão the day he was presented during his third arrival to Deportivo:
“I love the club and I’m enchanted to be here; I decided to return as I love the city. I see this as a great opportunity.”

Jan 21: Augusto César Lendoiro saying good-bye after 25 years as the club’s president:
“In all these years in the presidency we have also made mistakes. We have never denied that there have been mistakes. And we apologize for them, but we assure you that everything was always done with the firm objective of seeing our Deportivo as high as possible.”

Jan 21: Tino Fernández the day he was elected president of Deportivo:
“We have important challenges, you all know them. Nothing more. We are going to win the next game and must fill up the stadium. I am content and will work hard as I’m now replacing a myth, Augusto César Lendoiro. We are going forward and are going to win this game.”

Jan 30: Albert Lopo confirming that he was returning to Deportivo after three years:
"Fate was preparing me a new twist and a thorn that was a burden for me. I hope to get it out and help the team to be where it deserves to be, and hopefully change the minds of those who, at the time, were upset by my departure, but I thank fate for allowing me to return to the place where I wanted to be and that I never wanted to leave."

Feb 26: Álvaro Lemos talking after been out for seven months with a knee injury:
“It was a hard hit to me, but thanks to the team mates and the medical staff everything is fine now. Pablo [Insua] was always supporting me as he lives in the same floor. Also Marchena, always cheering me up, it’s something to thank. Luis also supported as he suffered the same injury. It was an important support.”

Apr 01: Luisinho after a four-match suspension for apparently insulting an assistant:
“It was my word against his and he ended leaving me out four games. It happened to me that I couldn’t sleep well. It was unfair. In Spain things are like this, because in Portugal things aren’t like this. Here in Spain you need to play with the mouth shut, because in case of talking they can misinterpret and you end out for four games.”

Apr 02: Antonio Núñez on the fact he hasn’t scored any goal with Depor (he ended the season scoreless):
“Never before I have spent a season without scoring and I will do everything to prevent this season to be the first one. Now I am missing the goal.”

Apr 11: Tino Fernández on the importance of securing the promotion to Primera:
“We cannot fool ourselves: Deportivo need Primera División. The promotion to Primera means capital to Deportivo. There isn’t a model to manage the situation staying at Segunda División. We are talking of incomes in which the difference is brutal regarding the TV rights, besides the amount of the sponsorships depend if you are at Primera or at Segunda. It isn’t the same to stay at Liga BBVA or at Liga Adelante. You don’t even receive the same money during the pre-season as the expectations are higher as you can collect money playing outside the country. “

Apr 26: Fernando Vázquez after Depor were trashed 0-3 by SD Ponferradina:
“We lost 0-3, but easily we could have also lost 1-6. I don’t have explanations right now; we were pretty bad in all senses, nothing can be saved. But you have to talk positively of Ponferradina as they completed a great game.”

May 30: Fernando Vázquez one day before Depor were going to secure the promotion to Primera:
“I am feeling as I thought I am going to feel, let’s say it on that way. I am conceding the press conference that I was expecting to concede.  A little is left in order to clinch the goal and I’m content and excited. As the hours are passing I notice the fans are realizing of what they will live on Saturday. I’m convinced that we won’t fail and that we will reach Primera División. A club works in order to bring joy to the fans. People are pretty happy as Deportivo are about to be promoted to Primera División.”

Jun 01: Carlos Marchena after scoring the goal that meant the promotion to Primera:
“We are all satisfied for the year that we have lived. This has been one of the biggest joys in my career. People should enjoy it, because I believe that we deserve it. This is dedicated to the fans, it was the perfect night, besides the weather is good, so we’ll celebrate it with all the people.”

Jun 01: Juan Dominguez after Depor secured the promotion to Primera:
“You valorise the achievement taking in mind what we went through during this season and now it’s time to celebrate it. There was a lot of work behind this, a lot of sacrifice and hard work.”

Jun 05: Carlos Marchena explaining that he was leaving as his relation with Fernando Vázquez was pretty bad:
“I don’t have to ask anyone, I neither am a fool. I am 34 and am not a fool. I see what there is and see the whole situation. Watching from the start of the season I can see the coach has no confidence in me. And I can tell you that I won’t be in the place where they don’t want me. It’s clear that the only one that wanted me was the president and not the coach. The coach never did anything to bring me here, and when I was already here, he never demonstrated that he wanted me. Oltra wanted me here and since then the club always showed their love.”

Jun 13: Albert Lopo confirming that he had signed a two-year extension:
”In life you make wrong decisions and commit many mistakes; in my personal situation there’s no room to commit the same error for a second time. Thank you all for trusting in me since my return and also to the ones that didn’t do it, because it made me stronger. It’s a great joy to be able to continue for two more years in this great family.”

Jun 19: Manu Mosquera during his first interview as the coach of Depor B:
“From the first moment I liked what I was told. I was born at Deportivo, I spent there ten years and for me this is a full circle, to return home. It wasn’t a difficult decision. My idea was to spend my whole time at the Galician Federation, but left a single open door: Fabril. And I'm very grateful to the club, to Laracha and the president of the Federation for the facilities they have given to me. For this job there were many good candidates, so I feel so lucky to be chosen. It means working for an elite team and under excellent conditions.”

Jun 20: Lionel Scaloni talking of his dream of been Depor’s coach:
“It’s sure that I will return to La Coruña, and if it isn’t to play then as a coach. I already finished the course and only need the final exam to get the certificate. My dream is to coach that team, because it’s my second home.”



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