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28 Dec 2014
Football is played on the pitch, but many times the words can mark an entire season. This second part is listing the best quotes related to Deportivo during the last six months of 2014.

Jul 03: Sergio Teles upset with the club for the way he was introduced the day the promotion was celebrated:
“I didn’t feel loved by the coach and neither by the club’s officials. The day of the promotion all the players from the club were called one after the other and the exception was me. I had to enter with the doctors. It was something ugly no matter they are angry with me or not.”

Jul 07: Fernando Vázquez and his polemic declarations about the signings for the Primera season:
“The first option might be a bomb, but the true is that we always end getting the option number six or seven. We never get what we want to sign, it is the problem. Clearly this year we have some money to spend, totally different to last year, time when we had to get players on loan. “

Jul 09: Tino Fernández explaining why Fernando Vázquez was fired:
“The exit of the coach was agreed between the members of the board of directors; all six of them. I don’t think that someone involved in the project can make those comments [talking of signing a 6th or 7th option]  The motive of his exit is the lack of confidence. You have it or not. A member of the club cannot make those declarations. The journalists that were there and the club’s officials understood what he said.” He started saying”

“The declarations made in Arzúa were the stroke that broke the camel's back. I guess everybody will be upset if your future boss says that you are the sixth or seventh option. He also said that we’ll have more money. Off course we have more money, but the difference is that now we are competing at Primera, not at Segunda. He wasn’t fired for the declarations made in Arzúa, but for a lack of confidence and his latest speech contributed to lose that confidence.”

Jul 09: Fernando Vázquez on his exit from Deportivo:
“In what did I fail? I earned with blood and sweat to train Depor at Primera. I worked almost for free during the toughest year in my sporting career. I bet on Deportivo and Deportivo bet on me. In what did Fernando Vázquez fail as a coach? Was it for been cheap? What I did wrong? They are denying me something that I earned. They aren’t firing me for sporting reasons and neither disciplinary. Only the ones that were friends can betray you. When he told me the news I felt that they were stabbing me. I worked almost for free for Depor. It was the most difficult year for both, me and Depor. I am grateful with the fans. They should tell me what I did wrong. Depor aren’t dying on here and Fernando Vázquez will return strongly”

Jul 10: Víctor Fernández the day he was presented as the new coach of Deportivo:
“For me this is a pleasant surprise. You know that this club has an impressive history. Our advantage is the strength of Deportivismo. Everything was decided in two days. Maybe there were other coaches with more titles, but I guess the president chose me for something. Depor is a tempting club.”

Jul 25: José Ramón after been named as the new coach of Deportivo Juvenil A:
“I'm very happy with this opportunity to return to what I consider my home. Logically, the club has little or to do with what I left, but so far everything has been easy.  I felt weird the first day, but I'm very happy and eager. It was very exciting to wear again the badge. I don’t know, I think I was a little nervous too. Here at Depor I spent my best years as a footballer. I grew up on here. I became a man... And now I come back and I hope to not disappoint the people that trusted in me.”

Jul 29: Lucas Pérez the day he was presented at Deportivo:
“It’s great to comeback home and to have this welcome. For me it’s a pride to wear this shirt.”

Sept 02: Tino Fernández reflecting in what Depor did during the summer transfer window:
“I believe that I wouldn’t have changed anything until the arrival of Medunjanin. After that, maybe the error was to not establish a limit. The operation of the striker was complicated. Ambition is always sane, but perhaps we should have said: this is the limit and we won’t surpass it. Perhaps the thing that I would have changed is to sign the third centre-back before and not until the end.”

“It’s true that we waited too much for Mitroglou and Ramís.  It’s hard to compete when Olympiacos was putting one more million .In order to raise one more million we would have needed three thousands more socios and we didn’t have it. The signing of the fourth centre-back was planned to occur until the deadline. Under the previous conditions we couldn’t sign Postiga one month ago. I believe we made a good job in the signing of the striker.”

Sept 18: Juanfran Moreno before the clash against Real Madrid:
"People don’t realize of what Cristiano [Ronaldo] really is. He’s hard work, professionalism, he’s a good guy. He’s among the best players now and in history. If I would have that body, then I would also take my shirt off.”

Sept 21: Víctor Fernández trying to explain the 2-8 defeat before Real Madrid:
“For me it was an accident. A disproportionate punishment due to the things proposed by both teams on the pitch. I just want to remain with the fact that we only lost three points. When a game ends 2-8 and you are representing the loser, then it’s impossible to have enough arguments to justify the result, but the true is that, within the final score, there are positive things to be assessed. We lost the game against a team that penalized the two or three errors that we had in the output of the ball, and when they weren’t penalizing us, then they were finding magic shots that were entering by the top-corners. It’s incredible. The result doesn’t correspond to what happened in the game.”

Oct 02: Atletico’s Gabi talking after been involved in the match-fixing scandal Zaragoza-Levante:
“I had nothing to win with the permanence of Real Zaragoza as he already had a deal with Atlético. I just did what Agapito told me to do.”

Oct 07: German Lux after the 1-4 loss visiting Sevilla CF:
“The other day the error was to not compete and I believe that in other games we competed, knowing it’s hard to add points before some rivals, but we always matched the expectations. The true is that it was shameful what we did at Sevilla the other day. “

Oct 19: Lucas Pérez after scoring his first goal with Depor during the 3-0 win over Valencia CF:
“I fought hard to accomplish my dream, which was to play at my home. I dedicate the goal to my grandparents, without then I wouldn’t be here, also to my friends, who supported me during the tough moments in my career. I’m very content to be here. I lived many pretty moments been a fan at the Riazor and the Riazor responded today, we were missing this.”

Oct 21: Pablo Insua on been the youngest captain in 30 years for Deportivo:
“It was a big pleasure, though it’s a small symbol to carry the captain’s armband. It’s something to be proud, especially for been coming out from the academy.  I felt it and it was a very special moment.”

Nov 25: Tino Fernández during the shareholders meeting complaining about the errors from the past:
“Deportivo is, curiously, a company that was always earning money, paradoxically we starred the major administration case in the history of football. But why we were winning money? Because the financial reports were false.  So, we are going to ask responsibilities to the past board of administration, because for not being reporting the losses we are now paying €9 million in taxes. It’s a paradox, because we are earning money, but were also in administration.”

Dec 01: Álex Bergantiños on the incidents in Madrid that cost the death of a fan:
"It's something reprehensible. It’s unfortunate that these things happen, especially if there was premeditation. I don’t know how anyone can arrange a fight like this. If it weren’t for football it would be for other things. It is a pity that this is linked to football, Deportivo and La Coruña."

Dec 03: Tino Fernández on the status of the Riazor Blues after the incident in Madrid:
“We have to act against a group of persons, not against an organization. There won’t be more Riazor Blues at the stadium.”

Dec 13: Juanfran Moreno on the chance that the coach was going to be fired in case of not defeating Elche:
”When the results don’t arrive the first one to be fired is him, obviously, but inside the changing room we don’t have the feeling that the coach is playing for his job. I see that the coach is calmed and will be surprised if he’s fired. It will be to start from zero again and with a new idea. My short experience on last season [with Betis] didn’t transmit a good feeling, that’s why I say that we must remain calm. Last year we all were too nervous, started to fire people and it wasn’t the solution.”

Dec 14: Víctor Fernández on the comments he was going to be fired in case of not defeating Elche CF:
“As a person I have to face the situation with secureness and firmness. I’m fine and focused in my job. Always without wasting the energies in what I cannot control and what it doesn’t depend on me. Nothing more. All the coaches have an expiry date. I am only thinking of one scenery: To win.”

Dec 14: Tino Fernández and his board of directors on the measures at the Riazor after the incidents in Madrid:
“We have seen that some of the actions implemented haven’t been interpreted by everyone in the sense that we proposed and don’t want those feelings delve into the fracture. So, with that same humility, integrity and honesty, we apologize to all those Deportivistas that, for whatever reason, have been bothered by the measures taken during these days.”



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