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09 Oct 2006
Taborda's words criticising the style of playing in the squad have created surprise in the club. Coach Caparr??s didn't like his declarations and both figures had a personal meeting on Saturday. The Uruguayan offered his excuses and later, Taborda changed the speech and said that he feels comfortable with Depor's system.

The Uruguayan striker said on the past week that "The system of only using one striker is a thing affecting the performance of the same strikers. The problem is that we are missing the presence of somebody else upfront." words that Caparr??s didn't like. Taborda himself was uncomfortable with the situation as he explained the case to some reporters: "I never wanted to reach this point. The first thing I did in the morning was to speak with Caparr??s in order to solve this issue. Maybe I was wrong for the way in which I spoke about some things. It wasn't my intention to confront anybody. I explained this to him."

Taborda also said in the past week that "A 60-meters pass is complicated, unless that the keeper is tied to the post." He was criticising the use of the aerial game as a solution to Depor's scoring problems, but it seems that his words were misunderstood by some team mates, now the striker is offering his apologies: "I do apologize if somebody feels hurt with my speech. I spent eight months injured, the doors are open for me once again and it will be foolish to say things that will affect me. For the way in which we speak, some words can have other meaning and for that reason, you can have other interpretations of it."

Finally Taborda changed his speech and now he defends the style of playing in the squad: "I feel very comfortable with our system, we have just to adjust some little things in order to be more dangerous. If somebody is the beneficiary from the aerial game that we practise, that person should be me. How can I be against it?"

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