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08 Jan 2015
Lucas joined the group on Wednesday, but could end needing a surgery in order to fix his knee injury. A final decision will be made on next week. The player is optimistic about his future.

New turn in the case of Lucas Pérez. The winger joined the trainings with the group on Wednesday and a report from La Voz de Galicia even assured that he would be available starting in February, but one day before Sportpaper Deporte Campeón reported that the club’s doctors were seriously considering a surgery as the soliton in order to fix his knee injury.

This last version was confirmed on Wednesday. President Tino Fernández, who was at Abegondo for the presentation of Oriol Riera, visited the player and later told to reporters that a final decision will be made on next week, “Up to three specialists have seen the case with Lucas. We will assess the case. We will see the evolution in the next seven or ten days.”

”It’s a complex situation and we all are worried. There isn’t too much information by the medical staff in general, because not only the doctors at Deportivo have seen the case. He can make everything except for some moves with his left leg. If this would be a cycling race then he would be ready.” The president added.

Lucas on Wednesday with a special bandage on his left knee

The player told to journalists in Abegondo that the surgery is the last move in order to fix the problem, “No, no, no. The surgery is the last choice. It’s my choice. It’s my knee.” He will continue training in the next days but won’t compete as the doctors won’t give him the green light to play. Then the situation will be assessed again on next week and a final decision will be made. A surgery will mean to spend two months out of action plus the recovery process, so the player could end missing the rest of the season.

Lucas suffered a knock on his left knee during the game against RCD Espanyol. (October 26). At the time the doctors informed that it was only a knee knock, the problem is that it affected the tissue in the knee and the player feels issues at the moment of making some precise movements, so he doesn’t feel totally secure. It’s a very precise case that has meant a challenge for the club’s doctors. At the end of December the player visited a specialist in Barcelona. At the time he was treated with autologous growth factors and shock waves.




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