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14 Jan 2015
Depor have been able to clinch eight clean sheets so far, an important number at Primera División. But at the same time the team has ended scoreless in eight opportunities, which is the second worst mark in the league.

Weird behavior by Deportivo on this league season. The team coached by Víctor Fernández began the season scoring goals, but at the same time allowing a lot. To the point that by matchday 07 it was already the worst defense at Primera with 19 goals allowed.

But things drastically changed since then, because the team clinched seven clean sheets in the following eleven meetings. At the same time the team reduced its potential in attack and also ended scoreless in seven of those eleven matches.

In this way it has been normal to see one of the two teams in the Depor’s matches ending scoreless, and it isn’t strange that the Galicians are the team with more goalless draws in the league campaign (4). This situation is causing big differences that call the attention.

And it’s that Deportivo represent the second team with more clean sheets in the league, and at the same time it’s the second team in the competition that has ended scoreless in more opportunities:

More clean sheets More times scoreless
Team Number Team Number
Barcelona 11 Levante 9
Deportivo 8 Deportivo 8
Real Madrid 8 Athletic 8
Atlético 7 Elche 8
Málaga 7 Granada 8
Sevilla 7 Almeria 7
Villarreal 7 Celta 7
Valencia 6 Córdoba 7

This duality can also be noticed individually. Deportivo represent the only Primera club in which no one has scored more than two goals at this moment on the season. Currently there are four players with two goals in favour (Cavaleiro, Toché, Cuenca & Medunjanin). At the same time Fabricio Agosto is among the keepers with more clean sheets; and this taking in mind that he became a starter until matchday 08.

More clean sheets in Spain
Name Club Mark
Bravo Barcelona 11 in 18 games
Casillas Madrid 8 in 15 games
Fabricio Depor 7 in 12 games
Moyá Atlético 7 in 18 games
Kameni Malaga 7 in 18 games
Asenjo Villarreal 7 in 18 games




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