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09 Oct 2006
Iago debuted on the present season during the last game with Real Sociedad. The Galician youngster said to sportpaper <i>AS</i> that he knew that this season, he won't enjoy too many chances, but he assured to be happy since the sensations that he feels wearing Depor's shirt are something irreplaceable.

Q: At last you had the chance to enjoy some minutes in the last liga match against Real Sociedad. Are you satisfied?
A: You always want more, more minutes, to be a starter. But I have to be realistic and go little by little.

Q: Is this season's Deportivo different from the one of the past campaign?
A: Yes, that's for sure. The squad is almost completely different, and for that reason the style of playing is also different. For me, you can see it on the pitch.

Q: Are you affected since the squad is betting on the muscles instead of the quality.
A: I don't agree on that. There's muscle and quality in all the lineups. It's true that some guys with more strength have more possibilities inside of the team, but there's quality too. Will I be a beneficiary of it? it's a question that we will answer with time. It depends on the situations, every game is different...

Q: Well, it seems that some quality players like Verd?? or yourself haven't been enjoying minutes.
A: That's happening because the squad have been working really well. The performance has been good and also the results. When the results are positive, it isn't necessary to change things. Maybe for that reason we didn't enjoy some minutes. But I'm sure that we will have opportunities in the future.

Q: But your personal balance of the season shouldn't be so good...
A: Anybody would be screwed up, but you must be realistic. I knew that this season, I would enjoy only some minutes.

Q: Do you feel sorry for not going out on loan during the pre-season?
A: No, because I am happy here. In any case, this question should be asked too of the people that decided this.

Q: Did you notice the special treatment that the people gave to you in the match against Real Sociedad?
A: Yes and these sensations are the ones that fills you. What I feel wearing this shirt is something that Barcelona nor Real Madrid can give to me. To play in Riazor with my family and friends attending the stadium is something priceless. For that reason I'm happy to be here.

Q: It seems that Riazor wants to see more Galician youngsters on the pitch.
A: It isn't a new thing. Nobody was trusting in the youngsters and suddenly, there was a change. Now it's the same thing. There's only one player from the region and people like to see him playing.

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