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10 Oct 2006
The sympathy between Deportivo's fans and the Turkish people is a very well known fact in the world of football. Now the relationship has reached new heights. Fenerbahce SK has to visit Celta as part of the UEFA cup tournament, and the Turkish fans are promising to 'assault' Bala?­dos with a rain of Deportivo flags. The Galician derby seems to be reaching an international level.

Legend says that other supporters (specially those from Vigo) call Deportivo's fans Turcos to insult them. But the Riazor Blues section have taken this name with pride and therefore show Turkish flags during matches. This pride has always called the attention of the Turkish people who have always felt sympathy for Deportivo.

Now, this relationship is reaching a new level. Destiny has put one of Turkey's biggest teams, Fenerbahce SK, in the road of Deportivo's nemesis, Celta de Vigo. Both club were tied in UEFA cup's group H alongside with Newcastle United, Palermo and Eintracht Frankfurt. The Turkish club will debut on October 19th against Newcastle, but the most expected confrontation will occur on November 30th: Celta at Bala?­dos.

The format of the UEFA cup only allows one confrontation between the clubs instead of the traditional two-leg series, the draw indicated that the only confrontation between Fenerbahce and Celta will have to take place in Galicia. Turkish supporters are known well for their loyalty with their clubs, and they want to payback the sympathy coming from La Coru?±a.

Fenerbahce's fans are planning a huge visit to Bala?­dos, and one of their ideas to support their team is to show Depor's flags during the UEFA cup confrontation, they even proposed to show the flags during the domestic competition, an action that will last until November 30th, they day in which they have to visit Bala?­dos. The proposition has been handled by fans in the webpage Antu.com. The idea has even called the attention of the Turkish sporting papers. It seems that the Galician derby is reaching an international level.

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