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22 Jan 2015
The club needs to allow exits if they want to hire more players during the winter window. Juan Carlos is pretended by CD Tenerife, while there were contacts for Wilk, though they are no offers for the midfielder.

 Deportivo’s first team is now composed by 26 players after the arrival of Hélder Costa. The 21-year-old player had to be inscribed as a B team member in order to have the chance to play. Despite the long list of players at the team, the club isn’t closing the doors to more arrivals.

Sporting advisor Fernando Vidal confirmed it during the presentation of Costa, “We are looking at the market. We still have time, a lot still remains. There are chances of exits and arrivals. We are open to anything. The technical secretariat is always looking at the opportunities no matter the market is closed or not.”

The rumours say that the club will close the market with the arrival of one new attacker and a centre-back, about the latter Vidal said that, “We have an open spot after the exit of Diakité, but other players like Manuel Pablo and Álex Bergantiños can play there, so I cannot rule out any option.”

In order to allow these two arrivals the club must search for the exit of two players, and the ones that have been pointed are Cezary Wilk and Juan Carlos Real. The Polish midfielder has been going in and out of the lineups and recently lost the spot before Álex Bergantiños.

Wilk ends his contract in June and for now there are no negotiations to extend the contract of the player. And on this week it was commented that there were offers form him. Vidal confirmed interest from other clubs, but denied to have any offer and also denied that the club is planning to allow his exit.

 “There’s no offer for Wilk. But we have talked to some agents and our response was to divert it to his agent. We aren’t thinking in allowing the exit of Wilk. There could be a case like last year with Culio, we received an important offer and it was accepted. We would have to study an offer, but right now there’s no intention in selling Wilk.” He said.

About Juan Carlos, the playmaker has been linked with CD Tenerife. The club is also trying to extend his contract as it is ending in June. Vidal admitted interest in him, but didn’t say the name of the club, “We have received interest for Juan Carlos and we talked to his agent. For now there’s nothing.” Vidal also denied the exit of Juan Dominguez during the winter window, “99.9% sure that he will stay with us.”

So, for now it seems that everything is stopped at Deportivo. The last arrivals will only take place if the departures and completed and for now there are no ongoing negotiations. What the advisor clarified that any new signing must have an EU passport, this since the three foreign spots are covered with Sidnei, Celso Borges and Fariña.

About the transfer of Celso Borges, Depor’s advisor explained that it’s a case about to be closed, “Between today and tomorrow we will receive the transfer.” Finally, he explained that the club was able to increase the salary cap, which allowed the last signings, “The salary cap was €15.3 million, but we increased it in €300,000 or €400,000. That’s how we closed Celso Borges.”




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