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24 Jan 2015
The large number of players at the first squad of Deportivo isn’t necessary increasing the depth in all the positions. There are some sparks, like the absence of one alternative centre-back or a defined choice for the right wing.

With 26 players at the first team of Deportivo, coach Víctor Fernández is increasing the number of choices for the lineups, but not necessary the balance. What happens is that there are some positions in which there are deficiencies, while in others there is an overbooking.

The main problems are located at the centre of the defense and the right wing. Currently there are only three centre-backs at Depor: Sidnei Rechel, Albert Lopo and Pablo Insua. It means that one player is missing in order to have two backups per position, and in the case that the coach decides to play with three centre-backs then there are no natural backups at the bench.

Another deficiency is located at the right wing. Isaac Cuenca is not matching the expectations, so currently the coach is using a centre midfielder, José Rodríguez, in that position. The arrival of Hélder Costa might help to fix the problem, but the inexperience of the Portuguese player invites to think that an additional choice is needed.

Meanwhile there are positions in which there’s an overbooking. As example midfield, because there are currently six players that can be used as a centre midfielders: Juan Dominguez, Álex Bergantiños, Haris Medunjanin, Cezary Wilk, Celso Borges and José Rodríguez.  It happens the same on the right side of the defense with three men fighting for one position: Juanfran Moreno, Manuel Pablo and Laure.

This unbalance can be fixed reordering the situation at the first team, eliminating the excess and closing the signings of the players that are left. That’s the idea of the club’s officials. Currently they are negotiating the exit of Juan Carlos and there could be an additional departure of a centre midfielder. Then there will be two spots to cover the cracks at defense and in attack.

Another alternative was the one planted by advisor Fernando Vidal during the week. It is to reposition some players in order to cover the cracks. The available position at the centre of the defense can be covered with right-back Manuel Pablo and centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños, who already played there on last season.

In the case of the right wing, Iván Cavaleiro can be switched there as he did in the past at SL Benfica, which will open a spot for Diogo Salomão or even Lucas Pérez at the left. The latter is available despite his recent issues.

Meanwhile, and ahead of the game against Granada CF, Víctor Fernández hasn’t made any special test during the training sessions. It is expected that he could end repeating the squad that was trashed by FC Barcelona, though there could be a change with the introduction of Luis Fariña, who received the medical okay to play on Friday.



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