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27 Jan 2015
Juan Carlos has terminated his contract with the club. He joins CD Tenerife at Segunda, though Depor have the option to get him back in June. He was the first player that reached the first team climbing from Alevines.

The club made the official announcement on Monday. Juan Carlos Real is no longer a Depor’s player. Coach Víctor Fernández warned since the pre-season that he wasn’t going to get too many minutes, he wasn’t able to leave before and it’s doing it now.

Depor were trying to sign a contract extension as his current deal was ending in June, but the playmaker had other plans and both sides decided to terminate the contract. He is now signing with Segunda club CD Tenerife in a deal lasting until June. It was also informed that Depor have an option to get the player back after ending his stage at the Canarian club.

The exit of Juan Carlos means that the covered spots at the first team are now reduced to 24 men plus Hélder Costa, who is inscribed as a B team member. It means that there’s an available spot to get the defensive player that Víctor Fernández was mentioning on Saturday.

Despite been at the club since 2002, the last four coaches of Deportivo didn’t count too munch with Juan Carlos with Depor been at Primera. He was only an option for Fernando Vázquez on last season when the club was at Segunda División.

The A Coruña-born player started to play football when he was six; he begun at Ciudad Jardín and later performed for Ural. It were the first years of the 2000’s and Deportivo was starting its academy  system now known as Abegondo; the scouts of Depor were searching for young prospects and they put their eyes on him and was offered to join the club, but a collaboration deal between Ural and Barcelona CF was blocking the way out.

In the end it was decided that Juan Carlos was going to spend a transition period of one year at Victoria, so he could later join Depor. He did it in 2002 and started to perform at Alevin, which by the way was the first  squad of this level at the club (at the time there was only one team, one year later this section was divided in an A and a B squad). From there Juan Carlos began his ascension that meant to land four years later at Juvenil B.

After passing through Juvenil A & B, Juan Carlos landed in Fabril for the season 2008/09.  He made 118 league appearances with the B squad of Deportivo during four seasons, scoring 28 goals and providing 20 assists. On September 7, 2011; he was a starter in the Copa match against Girona FC (5-1). He played the full game and turned to be the only player that reached the first team after beginning his career at the first Alevines squad had by Deportivo.

There was a similar case with striker Iago Beceiro, who a couple of years before debuted in a Copa match after starting his career at Alevines, but in this case the attacker never played in liga, something that Juan Carlos did (he debuted at Segunda during the visit to Villarreal B: 03 June, 2012).

The numbers of Juan Carlos with Depor B (Segunda B & Tercera): 

Season Games played Games as starter minutes yellow cards red cards goals assists
2009-2010 32 13 1,320 3 0 5 3
2010-2011 36 29 2,527 8 0 3 7
2011-2012 34 34 3,054 6 0 16 6
2012-2013 16 16 1,365 4 0 4 4
Totals 118 92 8,266 21 0 28 20

The numbers of Juan Carlos at the first team (liga):

Season Games played Games as starter minutes yellow cards red cards goals assists
2011-2012 1 0 29 0 0 0 0
2012-2013 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2013-2014 27 17 1,353 2 0 3 4
2014-2015 2 0 64 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 17 1,446 2 0 3 4




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