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10 Oct 2006
This has been understood as a transition year in Fabril, but the results so far are surpassing the expectations. Deportivo B is the new leader in its group in Tercera and the dream of the promotion to Segunda B is returning to the squad. The leaders of the team are ?lex and Adri??n L??pez, both youngsters have played every possible minute after the first seven matches.

Fabril still undefeated after seven matches, Depor's youngsters accumulates four victories and three draws. However, the most surprising achievement to date is that Fabril has reached the top places with several injuries in the squad. In the last game against Cerceda, coach Tito Ramallo suffered the absences of the striker Iv??n P?©rez and the midfielder Madrigal. Therefore, Ramallo has been forced to use players from Juveniles like Sergio, Esteb??n Capelo or Borja S??nchez. Deportivo B achieved a 3-0 win in this match.

The two players that are leading the statistics are ?lex and Adri??n L??pez. Both youngsters have played every possible minute during the seven matches played so far (560 minutes). ?lex is one of the 'veterans' in the squad, the 21-year-old midfielder is living his third year in Fabril, he commands the transition of the ball between defence and the attacking zone, and the Galician media appoints him as a crucial figure in the squad.

Maybe the most surprising case is Adri??n L??pez, the young defender is just living his first year in the squad after been promoted from Juveniles, but he is already a reference in the centre of the defence. Adri??n was even called by Caparr??s in order to play a couple of friendly matches with the first squad.

Another player that has surprised with his performance is Jos?© Arenas, the 21-year-old winger is the pichichi of the squad, he has scored four of the eight goals conquered after seven matches. Other youngster like Herbert, Aridane and R??ben Rivera have left positive sensations.

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