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28 Jan 2015
The complexity of the operation in the signing of Celso Borges brought some problems with the work permit, the issue is about to be solved as the Spanish Federation already received the pending papers.

 There were many questions when Deportivo announced the signing of Celso Borges, one of them was the reason why the club was announcing a transfer from AIK while the player himself said during the presentation that he came for free.

And the reason is that both sides were partially right as this was a complex operation that included the participation of a football fund. What happened is that the side that negotiated with AIK was a football fund called Promoesport. This fund has been using Catalan club Gimnástic de Tarragona as the link to bring football players to Spain. One of their successful operations was to negotiate for side defender Garry Rodriguez, who was firstly loaned and later transferred to Elche CF.

So, it was them who negotiated the transfer of the Central American midfielder and later closed a loan deal with Deportivo lasting until June. If Depor are able to clinch the permanence then the Galicians are forced to pay the buyout option (apparently €600,000) and later sign a two-year-contract with the player.

However, the player has been unable to debut despite arriving two weeks ago; the complication is coming from the status of his parent club, Gimnástic. In Spain the players didn’t face the same problems than in England regarding the work permit.

What happens is that the Primera and Segunda clubs, organized in the LFP, have an agreement with the government in which the foreign players automatically receive the work permit as soon as their incorporations are accepted by the LFP, whoever this agreement doesn’t exist with the lower leagues, which are administrated by the Spanish Federation.

And this is the case of Gimnástic, club that’s currently competing at Segunda B. So, the paperwork to get the work permit has to be done apart. That’s the reason that has delayed the participation of Borges with Depor. In the worst possible scenario the player would have been forced to travel to Costa Rica in order to accelerate the process. It’s the same case lived by Fabril’s Sam Piette, who had to travel to Canada to get the papers, this last case was more complicated as the Canadian had to wait two months as he’s a minor.

But in the case with Borges the issue wasn’t so complicated. It has been informed that the Spanish Federation already received the papers that confirms the work permit of the midfielder, so it’s a matter of time that the entity can allow the inscription with Gimnástic and subsequently his loan to Deportivo. The club expects the player will be available to travel to Madrid for the game against Rayo Vallecano.




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