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04 Feb 2015
The fourth winter signing was presented on Tuesday. Borja López said that he wants to demonstrate that he can play at Primera, while Tino Fernández assured that the renewal of Juan Dominguez is close to be signed.

Borja López was presented on Tuesday at the press room of the Riazor. He’s the last winter signing of Deportivo and is training with the first team since Monday. He was joined by president Tino Fernández.

Depor’s president welcomed the player during a press conference, “Borja López is in the city since Friday and I had the chance to meet him on the airport as we, I and Fernando Vidal, were heading to Vallecas. Borja will be here until the end of the season and we don’t have a buyout option. We weren’t able to get a buyout option, but will see what happens in the future. We expect that he will experience the warmth at the changing room, something that Canella already told him.”

The defender told to reporters that he’s ready and available for the coach, “I’m ready to play if they want to use me on Friday, because I have been training at Monaco. I told the coach that I will demonstrate that I’m ready to play. Let’s see if we talk of some tactical issues during the week. I felt fine during the trainings and the coach is the one that will decide. I’m happy for how things went so far. “

“I didn’t have the chance to demonstrate at Monaco that I can play, but I was performing with the B squad and I’m fit to play after surpassing my injury. I want to demonstrate that I’m worthy of the Spanish first division. I talked to Canella and he told me that there’s a good environment at the changing room. It brings more confidence. I won’t tell you if I’m the fourth centre-back, but I came here in order to demonstrate that I can play and achieve the goal of the permanence.” He added.

It called the attention the fact that Borja accepted that he could stay for more time at Deportivo beyond the five months of the loan deal, “There could be the chance to spend more than a year on here, but it’s too soon to talk about it.” But later the president explained that Monaco didn’t want to include a buyout option as they count with the player for the future, though he left open the possibility to negotiate in the near future.

Borja López & Tino Fernández during the presentation

After the player was presented, Tino Fernández talked of other issues in a press conference that lasted 25 minutes. He’s convinced that Fabricio and Juan Dominguez are going to renew their contracts and also talked of the details in the signing of Celso Borges. The following is a resume of the things said by the president:

 “We did a good job during the winter window. I want to congratulate Fernando Vidal, Richard and Ernesto Bello. We have a large squad and now the goal is to build up a strong group. I’m content and believe that we will achieve the goal. Unfortunately things will be tough in the coming years due to the financial limitations, but I’m sure we will clinch the goal, maybe some matchdays before the end. There were petitions to get Salomão on loan and also with other players. A lot of things were said on Wilk, but we never allowed an exit. We received interest from some players, but we never received an offer. People talked and even mentioned an amount of money, but we never had an offer over the desk.”

“The operation with Borges was made with Nástic and the transfer was made by a Segunda B club, therefore things are slower. But we knew it since the beginning and were aware that Borges wasn’t fit to play for the first game. It’s a similar operation to the one of Juanfran; actually it was negotiated with the same company. The difference was the work permit. He’s from Costa Rica and we never had the risk to repeat the case with Javito. In other words we never had a plan B as we were sure the operation was going to be completed. The deal for Borges was completed the day that we faced Elche [December 15]. “

“There is still money available to make singings, but I expect that we won’t need it as it happened last year with Ifrán as he had to cover the injury of Salomão. Maybe the club that increased more the salary cap was Granada, but they have more money. In this department I have plenty confidence in la liga. I’m convinced that they are treating everyone in the same way. The salary cap is moved up depending of the economic situations. We moved up with the money that was saved with the exits and with our last economic moves and we still have a remnant.”

“The renewal of Juan Dominguez is close to be fulfilled. I believe it’s easy to complete it. We were fixing some issues and he was also positive as I talked to the player two days ago. If I have to bet in one of those betting companies then I would say that yes. He’s one of us, a symbol and a reference for the lads at the academy. I want to see Juan Dominguez staying at Deportivo. I also believe that he wants to stay.”

“The renewal of Fabricio will be assessed at the end of the season. We presented an offer and I believe he will stay, it will be fixed.”

“We made an offer to the banks about the distribution of the money and so far what I know that that the Treasury won’t appeal the distribution of the money. The latest is that I proposed new meetings and we are on that. The agreement isn’t closed yet and we are waiting to close some details. I will love to arrive one day and present the agreement, but for now we must stay quiet. We are advancing and hope that things will be closed soon. I personally believe that things will be fulfilled.”

“Each day we receive a shareholder buying new shares. It’s a long operation and for now it is in a dropping process. It is on its way.”




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