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09 Feb 2015
It isn’t a good season for Depor in terms of goals scored, neither a solid year individually, but there are two players that shine due to their aim: Lucas Pérez and Celso Borges. Both have converted the 100% of their shots on target.

Deportivo have only scored 20 goals during the league season; it’s only the 13th best mark in the competition. Besides, no one has scored more than three goals after 22 games, which is the lowest number at this height of the season with the team competing at Primera División.

Despite these negative stats there are two players that are shining due to their aim stats: Lucas Pérez and Celso Borges. In the case of the Galician playmaker he has missed 16 games due to injury reasons, but later capitalized his presence in the six games in which he has performed.

And it’s that Lucas has scored three goals in only six liga appearances, reason why he is now one of the two top-scorers at the team (the other is Iván Cavaleiro). And for this he only needed six shots, three of them on target.

So, he has scored three times with only three shots on target. Only three players in la liga scored three goals having a conversion ratio of 100%. The other two are Real Madrid’s Javier Hernández and Valencia’s Shkodran Mustafi.

The other player at Deportivo with a perfect conversion ratio is Celso Borges, the centre midfielder joined Deportivo during the winter window, and after playing twice in la liga he only needed two shots to conquer two goals.

Truly the stat could be deceiving, because both men, for different reasons, haven’t played too much on this season, and surely their conversion ratio will be lower in case of playing more games, but the important thing is that both players are turning to be important for Deportivo; after all combined these two men have scored five goals, which represent the 25% of Depor’s goals on this campaign.



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