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11 Feb 2015
Deportivo only lost one of the last six games and are currently 11th at the standings, their best position since 2010. Víctor Fernández is living his best moment since landing during last summer.

Víctor Fernández has lasted in finding a fixed team and the results to base his decisions, but after three ultimatums it seems that he’s on the right way. Deportivo have only lost one of the last six liga games, and the only set-back in the period was against FC Barcelona. Now the team is 11th at the standings. It’s their best position since 2010.

More precisely it’s the best position for the Galicians since the end of the season 20009/10. At the time the team coached by Miguel Ángel Lotina ended the campaign 10th at Primera División. Now the difference with the relegation zone is of five points.

Víctor Fernández had a poor start in liga and has been criticized all season long, to the point that he was close to be fired in three opportunities, and he passed the challenges with three victories at home: 3-0 Vs. Valencia, 1-0 Vs. Elche CF and 1-0 Vs. Athletic Club. Now the Aragonian man is living his sweetest moment in his short career in A Coruña.

But Deportivo are still creating doubts, not all the fans are convinced that the team has improved with its game. What’s true is that the results are now much better, after all Depor have added 11 of their 24 points (46% of the total) within the last six matchdays.

It neither can be a decisive factor, two years ago Deportivo improved a lot with the late arrival of Fernando Vázquez, winning four games in a row and spending seven straight matchdays without losing (between matchday 28 & 34) and still the team ended suffering the relegation to Segunda División.



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