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12 Feb 2015
The last signing of Deportivo, Borja López, could be making his debut on Sunday against Real Madrid. The Asturian defender talked to reporters and, despite admitting the difficulty of the task, is hopeful of clinching a positive result.

Borja López could make his debut with Deportivo at the Santiago Bernabéu, which won’t be a new picture for this young centre-back as it was there where he debuted at Primera with Rayo Vallecano (0-5 loss on last season). He addressed the media on Wednesday and said that the coach hasn’t told him if he is going to be a starter in the game, “Let’s see how the week develops. Let’s see if the coach will grant me the opportunity.  I’m prepared and will give everything during the week in order to have the opportunity.”

“The true is that the Bernabéu brings good memories to me, because it was there where I debuted at Primera División playing for Rayo. Now a new opportunity arrives and I hope to enjoy it. But we will know who will play until one hour before the match and let’s see what happens.” He added.

During the press conference the Asturian lad admitted that it will be hard to get a positive result, but that the players are hopeful of at least adding a point, “It won’t be bad to get a point, but it is one more game and we must try to go out for it. You never know in football. There’s a big difference between both teams and what we must do is to have more intensity.”

“The true is that the rival is complicated, it’s the best team in the world right now and it won’t be easy to get something positive, but it’s a game like any other and we will try to dispute the points, having the ball and having more intensity than them. Let’s see how the game is, we will try to press them since the start, so they will realize that it won’t be easy. Let’s see if we can add points there.” He added.

Borja doesn’t think that the last 0-4 loss of Real Madrid before Atlético could be a factor in the game, “You never know until the game it’s over, it could be a good moment or not to play there, you never know. We are not worried for the situation of Madrid, but to please our fans. We neither can give anything for free. We are playing for the permanence and will try to bit there, so we can get something positive.”

He neither thinks the casualties at Real could be a factor in the game, “Clearly that, if they have important casualties, then it’s good to us; the bigger number of casualties they have, the better. They could have two or three casualties, but they have a lot of good people eager to earn a spot and it cannot fool us. We can only make our work. We cannot be worried of what they are lacking; we must try to be a strong team and united trying to achieve the permanence.”

The centre-back was also sending a message to the people that thinks that the game is already lost, “Well, let’s see. You will see things after the game, because on the field there’s a game of eleven players against eleven players plus the ones that go in. Let’s see what happens. I expect we can face the game and fight to get something.”

Finally, Borja López admitted that it’s a great challenge to face Benzema, Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, “It’s complicate to face a trident like that. It’s the best trio in the world and let’s see how we play. But it’s also motivating as you try to demonstrate that you can face them.”



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