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13 Feb 2015
There will be changes on Saturday for the meeting with Real Madrid, at least one as Insua is now suspended. The coach hasn’t decided yet who will play at the centre of the defense, though the main candidate is Borja López.

Coach Víctor Fernández has some things to decide ahead of the visit to Real Madrid. According to the things saw during the trainings he is ready to switch the latest offensive 4-2-3-1 draw with two offensive wingers on it.

First to all, the casualties of Sidnei Rechel and Pablo Insua are leaving the team with only two natural centre-backs available: Albert Lopo and Borja López, the latter has just been training with the team for two weeks.

Víctor hasn’t decided yet if Borja López should be starting or not. The Asturian defender swallowed a 0-5 loss at the Bernabéu last season with Rayo Vallecano, so he already lived the experience, but it’s also true that he has only played a couple of minutes on the season with AS Monaco and suddenly would have to face the most deadly trio in la liga for 90 minutes.

It’s a similar situation to what happened to Modibo Diakité, who was marked by the errors committed in his debut during the disastrous 2-8 loss of the first round. Despite having confidence in Borja there’s the risk he can end marked by the performance in one of the most demanding games on the season.

So, the Aragonian coach has tested alternatives. The main one was saw on Wednesday as Álex Bergantiños delayed his position in order to join Albert Lopo at the centre of the defense. The Galician already played there last season with the team playing at Segunda. The adjustment was also forcing to allow the entry of Juan Dominguez, who could join Celso Borges at midfield.

However, the coach stated on Thursday during an interview at Radio Voz that his first option is to play with Borja, joining Lopo “Let’s see what do we decide. We still have tomorrow’s training [Friday], which will be the definitive training to what we have been testing on this week, though we don’t have different options to see Manuel Pablo and Borja playing, which are the two strongest options that we have.  It’s a pity that the injury of Sidnei has coincided with the suspension of Insua. About Álex, you have to preview all the possible circumstances in certain moments and that he hasn’t forgotten the automatisms of the position, but right now he has low options of been the centre-back at the Bernabéu.”

The coach seems also worried about the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo putting pressure on the right side of the defense. During Wednesday session he tested the option of advancing the position of Juanfran Moreno, with Manuel Pablo or Laure covering his back (both were tested in the position). Beyond trying to use the offensive skills of Juanfran, the goal is to have his aids in a possible double mark over Madrid’s star. As it was stated in the interview at Radio Voz, Víctor is eager to use this option with Manuel Pablo returning to the right side of the defence.

The rest of the team could be the same one of the past two games, with Lucas Pérez, Iván Cavaleiro and Oriol Riera leading the attacking efforts. Luisinho picked a muscle injury on Thursday, but he should be available for the game.



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