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19 Feb 2015
Calmed environment before the derby; both sides want to elude polemic declarations and also the label of been the favorite for the match. Former players and coaches are also talking of Saturday’s game at the Riazor.

Players and former players of Deportivo have talked of Saturday’s derby. The general feeling is that both sides arrive to the meeting living close to their best moment. Irureta sees Depor as the favorite team, but only for been playing at the Riazor.


“The derby is the derby and everyone desires it. I’m willing to play and will win it surely. It’s a very important game and the derbies were always meetings with a special environment. These are the two main clubs in Galicia, but for me, due to the history, Depor is the first club in Galicia. We must keep it that way and demonstrate that it’s the better side and that things will stay like that.”

“These are special games, important, both teams arrive pretty well and that’s good for the spectator. These games have emotional aspects and we must try to win. A lot still ahead, but a victory could be a morale boost for the rest of the season, though we must keep adding. These are games with extra points of feelings, but you must be responsible and not be conditioned on the field, place where we must do our work without been struck by euphoria.”

“We arrive having good feelings, but they are fine too. It’s going to be a tough game; they seem to have regained the game of the beginning. As any other derby it will be tense and equal. Hopefully we can continue with the ascending line. As the game approaches you start to see people more involved and attentive, but you perceive the environment until the final days.  There are many pictures from the derby and my injury is something that stays there, it happened fourteen years ago and neither is something that I want to remember. “

“There are no favorites in the derbies. In the game of the first round they arrived better and we didn’t play fine in the first part, but later we competed and even had the chance to tie the game at the end. These are games in which the forms of the teams don’t count. These games, normally, are equal. There’s a lot of tension and tends to be equal.”

“It’s the prettiest game on the year. We are anxious for Saturday. The points are the same compared to other games, but if I have to choose which game I have to win, then it will be this one. For me Depor is the main club in Galicia, for history, fans and because people from outside remembers more the Superdepor. I believe that the bad streak of Celta doesn’t correspond to what they were doing. They are a good team and it’s going to be a tough match.”

“It will be a game with tension, a full field, warm… It’s a game that gets into your head since been a kid. If we win then we would have done anything. The goal is to not be carried away by the euphoria. We want a healthy derby, with respect. Each side must enjoy with their teams.”

“The derby will be the key to start looking up. We must win, yes or yes, at the Riazor before Celta, because later there’s another direct rival like Almeria. Some important games in which you need to get a lot of points, because if not, then you can complicate your life. I like several players, among them Laure, he’s a very hard working player, a fighter. The true is that I like his way of acting on the field due to his aggressiveness.”

“I have the feeling that both teams arrive boosted by their latest performance. Depor arrive after making a solid return at the standings and leaving a positive impression. The hesitant Depor has ended, a team that was skipping the solidity and is coming after making a great game at the Bernabéu. Despite losing there, they arrive with the head high. Celta, at their side, despite living a bad moment before, are now coming after beating a candidate in liga, so both arrive motivated.”

“I see that Depor started have started to show their football. And that’s good. To reach the derby in this way is important. The bad thing is that I also watched Celta playing against Atlético, but if Depor show the same level of the previous games then we will surely win. Depor didn’t start in the best way, they were missing regularity, but after Christmas they have been improving. At the beginning they were playing one good game and later two bad ones. I watched them and realized that something was missing. Little by little the players are getting to know each other, the coach has been repeating the teams and everything is better.”


We will face it as a very important game and will go out for the three points, just like we do in every field. We have very good feelings after the last game, it was a victory that we needed. It reinforces you having a full stadium supporting the team.”

“The derbies are matches that every player likes, we are hoping in getting the three points. I don’t think we are the favorites. Each game is a different world and this derby is going to be very complicated. It will be a game of high voltage. “

We played fine against Atlético, without doubt it was one of the best games of the season, both offensively and defensively. We had the ball possession before the champion in liga. The fact that Atlético Madrid created so few chances is something to be praised, because they have players of a great level. Now the team arrives in a good moment to the derby.”

“This is the derby of Galicia and it will be pretty to win it. We did it at home and now we are hopeful of getting the three points at the Riazor. Hopefully it will be a pretty party and that we would only talk of football and not violence. You know the game is every important and it doesn’t matter how the teams are arriving. It’s a derby and you have to play it. It doesn’t matter how both teams are, because the derbies are always a different game.”

“The game will help to decide who rules in Galicia and I hope it could be Celta. Since been a kid I have played many derbies and we never had incidents; actually it was the opposite, because we always have a good feeling with the rival.”

“The past derbies were great games. Full of passion. The environment in the pre-game was great. Mauro, Donato, Djalminha… They were great friends and professionals. The relation was also good. The injury of Manuel Pablo was the worst thing that happened to me, even worse that my doping case. Manuel Pablo is a great professional. I will always respect him and am thankful for the way that he assumed the injury.”

“I believe that Deportivo are little more favourites for the game, because they are playing in front of their fans. I have seen Djalminha recently during a tournament. Ever thing is in the part now and we are now friends. We laugh of what happened before.”


“It will be a very equal game, maybe a little unbalanced in favour of Depor as they are the host. They are pretty solid and people at the Riazor can help them to resolve the meeting. Nolito and Orellana for Celta are the ones to follow as they are in a great level, and at Depor Lucas Pérez and Borges. I like Borges; he brings a lot for the balance to Deportivo.”

“Beyond talking of players, the key is with the team dominating the whole picture, the one playing at their will. The excitement is coming from the street. Everyone gets a lot of messages and it ends reaching the changing room. The important thing is to have a warm heart and a cold head, playing without excess and avoiding penalties or expulsions. You need to be intelligent.”

“Berizzo like to see that his teams are protagonists. Both sides are arriving in a great moment. His Celta will go out for the victory and will be a nice spectacle. Depor are more hurried as they are five points above relegation. They went out reinforced from the Bernabéu and Celta defeated the champion.”




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