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23 Feb 2015
The papers emphasize that Celta deserved the victory in a derby decided by punctual things. The aim of the visiting team and the big errors by the locals were mentioned as the factors that decided the meeting.

Deporte Campeón: Depor pay the round. Deportivo were a good host in the derby. They paid the round and Celta didn’t waste the invitation to prevail at the Riazor thanks to their greater success, taking advantage of the local errors and that the Blanquiazul team failed to finalize their own clear opportunities.

At the 81’, Luisinho’s error in defense left Fabricio alone and Larrivey took advantage to put the 0-2 after stealing the ball. It was the sentence to a derby that could finish otherwise, but Celta claimed it for having more punch and taking advantage of Depor’s errors. That's football. Now, to think of Almería, place where Depor are still playing against relegation. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Celta submit Depor. The quality in attack of Celta and the foresight of Krohn-Dehli outweighed the intensity of Deportivo in the anticipated Galician derby played at the Riazor, a game disputed at full speed and that had of everything unless local goals. The two strikers from Vigo seized their chances (Charles and Larrivey, who was living a worrying drought and lost his place), Sergio again was decisive with two saves in just twenty seconds, which crippled the reaction of Depor. Lopo was sent off and Lucas bought many ballots to be expelled...

Celta’s game outweighed Deportivo and their exit with throttle; the local outfit was victim of two errors that unbalanced the meeting. Los Celestes look up again after their dangerous and melancholic phase, while Depor competed with more faith than ideas until the second yellow card of Lopo, which devoted the derby to an impossible dream. The 0-2 sentenced the derby for Celta, determined to return to its best moment in the tournament. Deportivo regretted its mistakes in front of the goal that deprived of a better result to get away from relegation. Miguel Piñeiro

Ls Opinión a Coruña: Depor fall for its mistakes. Celta emerged victorious from the fight planed by Deportivo thanks to two errors from the local team, one of Oriol Riera and other of Luisinho, mistakes that were seized by Charles and Larrivey to decant the derby in the second half. Disastrous night for the Blanquiazul striker, who forgave the tie shortly before Lopo left his team with ten men. Great show and great emotion except in the final stretch, with the game already sentenced after the 0-2.

Madness in the derby from start to finish, with a frenetic pace and a maximum intensity by both sides. Nothing speculative. Deportivo and Celta came out with the clear intent to harm the opponent, with a very advanced pressure and defenses that were playing higher than usual. Pure excitement and constant arrivals at both goals, especially the one of Sergio. The game was broke since the early stages, with many alternatives and a very quick ball movement, which caused heavy losses by both sides. Depor won out thanks to the mobility of Lucas and Cavaleiro, the first ones to reach the area with some danger.

Deportivo kept fighting to the end and nobody lowered the arms. The locals exuded courage, but it needs more, especially goal. They will have to keep paddling and suffering a lot to approach the goal of salvation. For now, it stays away. On Saturday, in Almería, they will have the opportunity to return to winning ways, but the damage has already been done yesterday. It was the derby. And they lost. Eugenio Cobas

AS: Charles and Larrivey assault the Riazor. Celta conquered the Riazor and slept like king of Galicia to undo the historical tie in the derbies with a clear victory thanks to goals from Charles and Larrivey. And they did it in a game that had of everything (expulsions, alternatives, shafts and a great environment) but in which justice, this time, smiled to the side that was better.

The super gasoline of Depor lasted twenty-five minutes, frame in which the spaces began to increase and thus Celta began to shine. From then and until the break the music was for the Celestes, with a magnificent Krohn-Dehli, who was a great conductor in an orchestra that only the wisdom of a careful Fabricio could curb. Luis de La Cruz

Marca Celta are the queen 'no seu derby.' The lack of scoring and the expulsion of Lopo condemned Deportivo. As soon as they caressed the tie they ran out of options. Larrivey sentenced a derby that this season speaks with a strong Vigo accent.

Lopo missed the extra life that was offered by referee Perez Montero. He had to leave the game with five minutes for grabbing Charles preventing to see the striker in a dogfight with Fabricio. The defender definitely conditioned the reaction of his team at the 72’, with an unnecessary foul to Charles, also at midfield. In moments of greatest tension it was saw that Celta is a point above Deportivo. It always chose in prescribing calm in the minutes of apparent distress. They sought the counterattack and gave themselves to the intrepid football led by Nolito, Orellana and especially Krohn-Dehli. Ángel Liceras

Faro de Vigo: The debate is closed. The team from Vigo has punched the table. It has consolidated its reign of Galician football winning in the field of the aspirant. It did it overcoming a rough start to dominate a Galician derby that started to be defined in the first seconds of the second half. Charles brought silence to the Riazor after completing a beautiful drive. Larrivey sentenced the derby to take advantage of a defensive error by Luisinho. Celta brought another great performance to their fans.

Curiosities of fate, Larrivey was reunited with the goal in the final stretch of Galician derby. The striker seized an error lo elude Fabricio and sign a new away victory that wasn’t repeated since November 1st. In Riazor two spells were broken. It also ended another jinx. The green shirt. First victory with this shirt in a special place for Celtismo. The team from Vigo even had options to increase the result. The Rianxeira was heard at the Riazor. The conquest had been completed. Celta strengthen its reign of Galician football conquering a Comanche territory. Carlos Castrillón.



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