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25 Feb 2015
This is the second season of Miguel Cardoso at Deportivo B; he’s one of the more dangerous players in attack and is knocking at the first team’s door after scoring 11 goals in 23 matches.

Deportivo B are completing a solid season at Tercera División, living inside the promotion zone and showing a good performance facing much more experienced rival. And the most regular player at the team is Miguel Filipe Nunes Cardoso, a 20-year-old winger that landed at Deportivo for the past season.

In his first year at Depor he passed through an adaptation process with coach Devesa, the team didn’t compete at Tercera and he only scored two goals, but the coaching staff had faith in him and his contract was renewed for one more season having the chance to get later a professional contract for three more years.

And things changed for good on this campaign with the arrival of new boss Manu Mosquera. Now he has scored 11 goals plus providing 5 assists in 23 matches, forming a lethal combination with Dani Iglesias, the other offensive reference at the team.

This Lisbon-born player has been used in all the positions in attack, mainly performing as a winger, but also played in the centre of the attack and the playmaking function. Last week Cardoso scored a hat-trick against Ribadeo; after the game the player told to reporters that his dream is to reach the first squad of Deportivo, "My dream is to play for the first team; undoubtedly it's my personal goal in A Coruña"

But it won’t an easy task. Coach Víctor Fernández has a large squad and, with the permanence at stake, it will be difficult to see him giving chances to the lads at Depor B. Still, Cardoso has been picked in several opportunities in order to train with the first team and was one of the ten lads from Fabril that enjoyed minutes during the pre-season.

The future of Fabril in the rest of the league season will also dictate the future of Cardoso, because a possible promotion to Segunda B will open the chance to perform in a upper league, but if the team fails then the club will have to decide if it’s convenient to extend his contract and loan him out to a club at Segunda B or even at Segunda. A possible promotion to the first team is also a possibility, but it will depend on the coach for next season and also in which league will Depor perform. 

The numbers of Cardoso at Deportivo B:

Season Matches Minutes Goals Assists Yellow card
2013-2014 14 1014 2 1 0
2014-2015 23 1842 11 5 3





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