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02 Mar 2015
The media didn’t like the performance of Deportivo in the game and described the draw as a lost opportunity to increase the difference with the bottom places. The papers emphasized the large number of shots completed by the Galicians.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo missed a great opportunity to breathe again with some reassurance after only getting a draw in a game that, for occasions and arrivals to the area, deserved to win. Now three games without a goal. Three games in which, as they say in these cases, they cannot even score before an empty net. The draw leaves Depor as it was. In the mess. Stuck in the fight to avoid relegation. It was another game in which the bad luck dogged the team, lonely? The fact is they lost a few points thus, deserving, but without finalizing. This team is like this.

La Voz de Galicia: One point that tastes too little. Deportivo, a team that had added nine points away from home, returns from Almeria with one more, which otherwise would have left satisfied the team, but not in the circumstances that defined the meeting. The team coached by Víctor Fernández was brilliantly higher in the first act, forgave many chances and then got stuck against an opponent that was reduced to ten men and that ended with nine. Deportivo missed a great opportunity to get away from relegation and also lost the goal-average with Almería, side that was surpassed many times before one of the most convincing presentations of Deportivo during this tournament, which weighs the asterisk in the result.

There was a match in the head of the coaches, there was another that was played until the first minute and then another one radically different after the save of Fabricio before the bicycle-lick of Hemed. In this third Almeria-Deportivo it was possible to see many goal opportunities in a match played with a high pace and defensive concessions. The Galician team disposed of countless opportunities before the goal. It was the most prolific first half of Depor on this season, probably the best played, attacking by the sides and with an exceptional playmaker, Lucas Perez. They missed aim again, and ended up feeling sorry for not ending a game before a rival that ended with nine men.

The patience to face half an hour with one more player led to a lack of ideas before the local fallback. Fariña entered for Cuenca to find that lost spark, without much success. Not even the late expulsion of Michel Macedo could alter a score that, for the taste of Deportivo, it lacks a bit of garnish. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Wet gunpowder. The results served to Deportivo in a golden tray the opportunity to increase the difference with the relegation zone. Almería also paved the way and Víctor Fernández's team squandered the chance after failing an extensive collection of opportunities. In the end, Los Blanquiazules returned with a bitter tie, very disappointing, and that only serves to gain a small advantage over the drop positions.

The rest was all bad, though clearly dominated by Deportivo in different sections of the game, enjoying countless opportunities and recovered the feelings had before the derby. The team, however, again recalled the difficulties to define the plays in the rival’s area and the scoring depression lived by Oriol Riera, again with a strong presence in the team's offensive game but completely jinxed in the definition. Marcos Otero

AS: Depor shot twenty times, but it was unable to beat an Almería playing with nine. When the team with less wins at home face the one with less away goals then the logic dictates that the 0-0 is the most likely outcome. Football is not always logical, but at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos it was like that. Deportivo had more chances, but between the lack of punch and that Julian became gigantic, it was unable to find the net. Almería didn’t have it’s day. It happened of everything: it never knew how to read the game, finished with nine men for two absurd expulsions and ended up giving the thanks for the point. Perhaps the proposed sanction by FIFA hovered the sky in Almeria.

The first half was more moved, because in the second Deportivo faded when Almería were reduced to ten. JIM’s men locked themselves at the back and didn’t suffer too much, even when Michel was sent off during the stoppage time. The point tastes better for Almería, side that keeps the goal-average, but the opportunity to avert relegation was lost by both equally. José Maria López Guerra

Marca: Almeria and Deportivo added a point that was especially expensive for the Andalusians. JIM’s team finished with nine players for the expulsion of Thievy and Michel, besides Edgar got the fifth yellow card, leaving the team depleted for the next weekend match against Elche.

With the bad taste of the FIFA sanction, Almeria were not able to give a joy to their fans. They went well in the match and had a clear opportunity to claim the lead at the beginning of the meeting. Fabricio prevented Hemed to break the tie with a bicycle-kick. That was the best opportunity for the Andalusians in the match.

Deportivo, side that gave for free the first fifteen minutes, were rebuilt and began to approach with danger. Oriol Riera and Lucas enjoyed many chances, but failed to materialize these chances. Julian Cuesta made a great game, but also the Galician attackers lacked success. In the end, the tie isn’t helpful for both teams. There is still much fighting ahead. Ramiro Aldunate

La Voz de Almeria: Almería, side that finished playing with nine, added a point of platinum. The Andalusian team got an epic point in a meeting in which they didn’t offer the best impression and ended with Thievy and Michel expelled. There were many chances for Victor’s team. If the goal didn’t’ arrive it was by the excellent performance of Julian and the lack of success of their attackers. Riera, Cuenca, Bergantiños, José Rodríguez and Lucas disposed of opportunities without the ball reaching the bottom of the local goal. Gradually the distance between the lines at JIM’s team went enlarging and the balance of the meeting leaned to the visiting side.

The second half began as the first one. An attack for the locals didn’t end at the back of the net because Mauro Dos Santos, instead of assisting any of his three companions who were unmarked, preferred to define the play by himself. The game was turning to be equal, but this equality was canceled after ten minutes when Thievy saw another yellow card for hitting a rival. Then it was time for the heroic. Resist for thirty-five minutes.  Miguel Del Pino



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