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05 Mar 2015
After been off for a while, Álex Bergantiños returned to the starting formations in order to become a fixed starter, now he has been chosen as the player of February by the peña members.

Álex Bergantiños is the player of February after been elected as the best player in two of the four matches disputed in the month. The Galician midfielder returned to the formation at the middle of December and is now a fixed starter for Víctor Fernández. He and Luisinho are the only men that have been starters in all the league games in 2015.

The arrival of Borges boosted the game of Álex, who is now not only the responsible for the defensive work at midfield, but has been also noticed as a good assistor with his long passes. RCDLC.com peña members recognized his job and he was named as the best player for the games against SD Eibar and UD Almeria picking 20 points in the month.

The other two big winners of February are Celso Borges and Isaac Cuenca. Central American Borges made a deep impact at Deportivo during his debut and in February he confirmed his status with a couple of convincing performances to get 10 points.

In the case of Cuenca, big part of the fans still questioning him for his “selfish” behavior on the pitch, but in February he left a positive impression, especially in the game against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu, match in which he was elected as the best player in the game.

Summary of the month:

Rival Best player Collective note
Eibar Álex 2
Real Madrid Cuenca 3
Celta Sidnei 1
Almeria Álex 1

Overall: Centre-back Sidnei Rechel and attacker Iván Cavaleiro remain battling at the top for the Player of the Season award, the Brazilian currently leads the race with a six-point advantage. Goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto is third and Álex Bergantiños made a big jump to the sixth place thanks to his performance in February.

Overall Table
1st Sidnei 71pts
2nd Cavaleiro 65pts
3rd Fabricio 56pts
4th Cuenca 35pts
5th Alex 33pts
=5th Luisinho 33pts
7th Juanfran 32pts
8th Wilk 30pts
9th José Rodríguez 25pts
10th Laure 24pts
11th Celso Borges 18pts
12th Medunjanin 17pts
13th Lopo 14pts
14th Lux 12pts
15th Diakité 10pts
=15th Toché 10pts
17th Fariña 9pts
=17th Lucas Pérez 9pts
19th Juan Carlos 7pts
20th Juan Domínguez 5pts
=20th Oriol Riera 5pts
21st Hélder Postiga 4pts
23rd Insua 3pts
=23rd Manuel Pablo 3pts

* Player of the month - season 2014/15




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