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11 Mar 2015
Despite only playing ten games on this season, Lucas Pérez has earned the hearts of the fans and is even the Pichichi at the team. Now the news of his possible signing are bringing hopes of finally finding a hero for Deportivo.

It’s hard to find on these days a player that can awake a large sympathy among the fans, mainly at clubs that can only aspire to the permanence. Deportivo are not the exception to the current rules and the times when the fans were whispering for idols like Bebeto, Tristán and Djalminha seemed over when Valerón left the club at the beginning of last season.

But something happened since last summer, a boy that at his 26 had never wore the shirt of Deportivo appeared, a lad born in Os Castros in A Coruña: Lucas Pérez Martínez. The winger/playmaker did everything he could in order to sign for Deportivo, even lose some money in order to play in the team that he always loved.

Finally, after a soap opera in the middle of a conflict with PAOK FC and Karpaty Lviv, he ended signing for Depor. He immediately called the attention with his speeches. The footballers are used to say all kind of things in order to please the public, but this case seemed different, it seemed genuine. So, he has a charisma with the fans not seen in a while.

Just to remember what Lucas said when his arrival to Depor was confirmed, ”This was my dream since I visited the Riazor been four years old. I never missed a game until I had to leave my city to exercise my profession. I always wanted to play in the team from my city. I am a football player. I want to be judged by the performance on the field and not for the things done to come here. I had to leave home in order to find my future in the outside world and now I want to do the same in the Spanish league playing for Deportivo. It’s my home.”

Truly the stage of Lucas at Depor wasn’t pleasant at the beginning, a series of injuries sidelined him from the group’s dynamic, but lately things changed for good as he earned continuity. Now, despite only playing ten games so far (649 minutes), Lucas is the top-scorer at the team with four goals added to his tally and is the second player with the best average of shots per match (2.7), just behind Oriol Riera (3.3).

So, beyond been some kind of “morale leader” for the fans, he’s turning to be a crucial player in the offensive scheme. Coach Víctor Fernández is aware of it and always said that he and Luis Fariña are two special players that Depor need to compete.

The club has also noticed the importance of the player inside and outside the pitch and is already working in order to secure his continuity in A Coruña. Lucas arrived loaned for one season with Depor having a buyout option for €2.5 million.

It’s an amount difficult for the club, but Sportpaper AS reported this week that the club is negotiating in order to get the final transfer of the player. The source reports that the club will try to buy the 50% of his rights and later sign a five-year contract with him.

The player’s agent, Francisco Fernández Lovelle, was in A Coruña during the weekend as part of the negotiations and he confirmed to La Voz de Galicia that both sides are in early talks to secure a deal, ”A lot still ahead. Right now we cannot say anything. Lucas only has one thing on mind and it is to keep Depor at Primera. The rest are just good intentions. The easiest part would be to reach an agreement with Deportivo and if the permanence is achieved then surely we will reach a deal.”



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