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11 Mar 2015
Right-back Juanfran addressed the media on Tuesday. He was explaining what happened in the play of the penalty against Sevilla and also assured that Depor will clinch the permanence if it’s able to add five more victories.

Juanfran Moreno talked to reporters on Tuesday. He is not happy with the fact that Deportivo haven’t been able to win within the last months and during the training session the tension was noticed as he was hitting a signboard of one of the club’s sponsors.

He started talking of the play in Sevilla’s penalty, he was on the ground after been hit in the chin and believes that the play should have been stopped, “It was an anecdote, in the following corner I didn’t remember who I should be marking. I was a little lost. That was a bad night to me and now I’m better. It was a knock down as they hit me in the chin. I felt impotence, because to allow a goal in a play like this one…well.”

“If the play would continue towards the goal no, it shouldn’t have been stopped, but the play continued with the ball going out, so I believe he should have stopped the game, but these are decision that must be taken quickly. I think it should have been stopped, but nothing happens. He wasn’t fair to us, but nothing happens.” He added.

About the match, the Madrilenian player believes that Depor missed pause and calm to administrate the game, “Maybe we did a game like the one that Sevilla like: too many runs and counterattacks. I believe they are specialists in this and we should have held on after the 1-0. Later we allowed them to run and they are very good running.”

An interesting thing is that Juanfran believes that Depor will be saved clinching five more victories, “It’s normal to be closer to the relegation places after spending four weeks without winning. This is a fight of six or seven clubs, Eibar are now with us there, and we have to play our liga and add the points in order to avoid the relegation. Córdoba lost, but adding two victories will mean to be with us there. I believe we must make our liga. If we achieve five wins before the end of the season then I believe we are saved.”

He was comparing what he’s living now to the situation at Real Betis during the last Primera campaign, “This year we are better placed, last year, at this height of the competition, we were almost relegated. There was little we can do as we were ten points away from the salvation. It was a complicate situation and we need a clean mind, because if not then you go down surely. Last year was worse, because on here the environment inside the changing room is good. We believe we can fix it. At the Riazor things are done in the correct way, though we aren’t getting the results.”

About the next rival, Valencia CF, the defender warned about their potential in offense, “It’s a great team and a very had pitch, but we must continue, trying to improve and reinforcing the things that we are doing right. It’s a hard pitch, but we must try to take the advantage and add points. It’s hard, but you never know, maybe you claim the lead as it happened on here. “

“They are better than in the first round as they know each other better. We must do our work as we demonstrated it in the first round and as we need it. We need to be together and we must be careful as André Gomes will play, he didn’t play on here. They are strong in attack and we must be careful.” He added regarding the issue.

He was also surprised with the match-fixing cases that have been reported recently, mainly the one of Osasuna, “I am surprised with all these things. I never thought this was going to be so serious, let’s see what happens. It’s a complicate subject, it affected Depor. Last year I was at Betis and we never talked about it inside the changing room. It’s weird for me, but the magnitude of the subject invites to wait and see what happens. To see a club like Osasuna involved in this is complicated. Let’s see what comes out from this. It’s complicated, a professional always go out in order to win and not for collecting 100 euros. I believe things have been exaggerated as I believe that Spanish football is clean. Let’s see what the judge says, but I never saw anything after two years in this league.”

Finally, Juanfran explained to a reporter why he was hitting the signboard during the training, “What happens is that we spent four weeks without winning and I’m a little hot, and this is a complicate week after losing, so the poor signboard paid the price. You end screwed when things aren't working. I prefer to see this happening and not discharge myself with a rival or a partner.”




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