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16 Mar 2015
Iván Cavaleiro talked to reporters on Saturday; the Portuguese attacker is convinced that Deportivo have the right attitude in order to secure the permanence despite the recent results in the league competition.

Striker Iván Cavaleiro talked to reporters after Saturday’s training; the team seemed affected after losing at Mestalla and the striker confirmed that the players are concern but also optimistic regarding the near future.

"We are in a situation that we didn’t want to be and we are concerned. But I trust this team, because it has quality and the ability to achieve the permanence. We are going through a bad phase as it happened at the beginning of the season, but now the team is better and that’s why I am calm. We lost in Valencia, but gave everything to win and with this attitude surely we will start winning games." He said.

The Portuguese attacker stated that Depor need to find again the aim, "We have good feelings, but don’t have much luck. We failed to kill several matches, this is a pending thing to us. Now we must raise the head and think about the next games, which are the most important."

“I know there were games that we should have won, but we must understand that the team gave everything in order to win and, with the attitude saw in recent meetings, then we are capable of winning the matches remaining in the schedule and then clinch the goal.” He added.

Finally, Cavaleiro said that the team must go out in order to win every game in the schedule, "I think you have to face every game trying to win, it's always something I think no matter who the opponent is. I am optimistic for what is coming and I hope we will get good results. We aren’t feeling the pressure despite the last results and we must remain optimistic.”



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