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20 Mar 2015
Striker Tochť was interviewed by newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The Murcian attacker said thatís heís ready to play and also talked of the lack of goals at Deportivo during recent months.

Q; How are you after a month off the team?
A: Eager to play, when you are injured you always live the worst. I always say that you want to help and canít, therefore you see the matches with more pressure and intensity. In the field everything looks much better. I look forward to help the team.

Q: Do you see yourself with possibilities for Sunday?
A: I'm available. The coach is asking intensity and a plus of intent. We are responding and training well to bring joy to the fans.

Q: Are you in the most decisive week so far this season?
A: We know what's at stake and we cannot take the long view. Espanyol is the first game we have now and we have to win yes or yes. We will face it like that. The squad is mentalized.

Q: What has failed in recent weeks?
A: We were up against big teams. We have been fine, but in some games the team has deserved something more. Perhaps we didnít have that luck that sometimes is necessary against the big teams. I think we competed and that at no time we saw a hopeless or overwhelmed Deportivo. The team competed in the end. Now we have rivals from our level, that's where we have to give the best.

Q: People pointed to the lack of aim and also towards Oriol Riera?
A: The striker is the one that has to score a goal, obviously, but all players must contribute goals and we cannot only point towards the striker. Yes itís true that there was a streak in which we werenít scoring goals and neither creating chances, but the ball ends going in and, in the end, we all together can make a solid number of goals.

Q: Although you have been out the last month, did you feel pointed too by criticism about the lack of goals?
A: When the team is criticized I am the first in front and donít hide. That I should make better numbers? Well obviously I think so, but we must be positive and think that this team needs confidence as well. Criticizing people wonít get us anywhere, we have confidence in the striker that plays, whether me, Oriol or anybody else. Itís true that sometimes we had a lack of scoring and Iím the first one responsible.

Q: You say Oriol or you, are you ruling out the possibility to play together?
A: I think we will play with only one and Lucas (Pťrez) or Cavaleiro behind. The coach contemplates that system and we have adapted. I think this year, except in very rare occasion or depending on the game, it will be very difficult to play with two strikers.

Q: For the fact of been similar players?
A: No. That's up to the coach. In my career I have played in many systems and whenever you do it with two strikers it means things are harder for the defenses. The coach has decided like this and we have to obey.

Q: Is this system requiring more work to the striker, to spend more time in other tasks?
A: We are the first to defend, itís what the coach tells us and thatís what we assume. He wants to see us getting into the game, we are the reference and the first to annoy the defense.




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