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24 Mar 2015
Depor’s coach was saying that his team deserved more from this game, he also denied that Deportivo played with fear. The players believe the point is good, though better would have been to achieve the victory.

Víctor Fernández was saying that Depor deserved more from this game, “It was a game with a slight inclination towards our side, this in terms of push, dominion and the number of times that we reached the rival’s area. We had a more defined intention to win the game, in this sense I believe we had the game under control within the first 80 minutes, though we missed clarity to generate goal opportunities and later materialize them.”

“Later the last minutes were too long to us with the entry of Montañes as they had more depth and verticality. In the end the final result was a draw. I believe we did enough to achieve the victory and in the end you must be content with the draw.” He added.

He insisted that his team deserved more, “Evidently the tension can condition a game, but I believe that in the second half we added more speed and that’s why I said that we were closer to the victory. We were fine within the first minutes, but in the end we lack the goal and it is what marks the difference. They neither did anything. We went out for the game, but later didn’t have the fluidity to find the spaces. We had the best chances.”

The Aragonian coach was explaining the reason why Álex Bergantiños was replaced, “The exit of Álex was… I was scared, because I had the four players at the centre with a yellow card, both centre-backs and also Álex and Celso Borges. We also needed more freshness and ideas to launch the game, we tried to achieve it with Juan Domínguez.”

Asked if Depor lost a good opportunity to put distance with the direct rivals, the answer was, “Yesterday, in the press conference, I told that it is really difficult to win for any of the last seven teams. Well, it’s going to be very hard to win and actually this week’s result are a reflection of what I said. Almeria and Levante have the same problems than Depor. The team with the stronger will it is going to be the one that will achieve the goal. Today our situation it’s better than the previous week and we’ll see how it is after the game with Getafe.”

He was commenting the presence of Salomão in the game, “I believe it should be a happy day for him, to be able to jump again into a pitch after twelve months out. I asked him and he told me to be fine. He played 30 minutes and I believe it is the most positive reading that we can make regarding Diogo.”

Finally, Víctor denied that his team was having fear to lose within the last ten minutes, “We missed freshness, but another thing is to be afraid. I didn’t see any fear, maybe we didn’t find the pass or played with the four attackers too deep, but I don’t think there was fear.”

Diogo Salomão had his first minutes in liga after playing in Copa in 2014; he commented that, “I had good feelings in my first minutes in la liga. I was able to debut today and I’m content in a personal sense, but unfortunately the result wasn’t what we were expecting: the victory. Now we must think of the next game against Getafe. “

The Portuguese winger said that the point is good for Deportivo, “In the phase that we are living every point is welcomed. This is a complicate situation and the fight will last until the end. We are conscious about it and any point turns to be very important to us. We had several opportunities, today it was one of those games in which we cannot materialize the chances.”

Álex Bergantiños was also saying that to add appoint is always good, “We must always be positive. The goal was to win and we couldn’t win. It was an important chance to get three points, but in the end they had that opportunity and could have picked the three points too, so we have to think that we keep adding. Nobody said it was going to be easy and we must continue until the end.”

The Galician midfielder denied that the team lowered its performance within the final ten minutes after he was replaced, “I don’t think it was for that. It neither was my best game in an individual sense. Maybe the anxiety didn’t allow the team to play better in the end, but apart from that action in the corner-kick they didn’t have more chances and we also had our opportunities. Maybe the game wasn’t pretty, but they have intense people at midfield. We neither had the ideas to create chances.”

Iván Cavaleiro was asked if the team missed freshness, but for him Depor only missed luck, “We wanted to get the victory and were unable to do it. The important thing was the three points and also to not lose the game. Now we must think of the next game. I don’t think we missed freshness, but some good luck. Just that.”

The Portuguese attacker also said that Depor seemed more worried in defending, “The team was more worried of not allowing a goal than of attacking. The midfielders were too open. I had a great opportunity and now we must think of the next game. “

Celso Borges also valorized the point as a positive result, but also understands that it was important to win the clash, “We played in order to win. It was evident, what happens is that after not been able to win a game then you cannot lose it. In the end we got a point that, in this situation, is always positive. But playing at our field before this kind of rival the ideal thing is to pick the three points.”

“I believe that our chances were clearer than the ones of the rival, evidently we cleared the ball at the goal line in the last play, and this changes the outline of what the game was, so we need to find a balance. If we would have scored a goal then we would be valorizing the performance in defence.” The midfielder added.

At RCD Espanyol, coach Sergio González was satisfied with the point added, “The team made a nice game and knew how to suffer. Later we could have won the game. We were solid in defence and that’s important. Since that point we must try to generate more football. The important thing is to find the balance. This team has the capacity to offer more alternatives.”

He was also commenting his feelings for returning to the Riazor, “For me to return to the Riazor means something exciting. It gives me goosebumps. It is very nice. Those were very good years at Deportivo. It’s a double pride as I return as a coach. I'm excited and in the end it was good for both.”



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