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27 Mar 2015
Depor’s captain is worried as he perceives that Depor are losing fluidity to compete in recent games and the veteran defender is also concern for the social fracture that’s hitting the club.

Long press conference held by Manuel Pablo after Thursday’s training. The team’s captain talked to reporters for eighteen minutes and analyzed several things, from the social fracture affecting the club to his personal situation at the team. He admitted the responsibility of the players in the current situation and expressed his worries as the team has lost fluidity in its game.

He started saying that the international break is positive for Deportivo, “It’s good to be disconnected for a while, but not losing the demands of the daily trainings. Sometimes it’s good to clean the head, mentally, and later return with everything. We are coming from a bad streak and are starting to lose confidence, doing things badly, so this is helpful to rest, recharge the energies and return with strength.”

The veteran player said that he’s worried for the performance of the team in recent games, “We didn’t manage to resolve the situation and we stay there. We are aware of the importance of the situation. It’s complicate now and it will be harder if we are relegated. We know the demands and must try to fix it. We are worried as the team has lost the fluidity of the last games. In Valencia we were a team with fear and the other day [against Espanyol] there was no fluidity. It’s something that we must regain: our game, something that doesn’t bring the results, but that it’s helpful for it.”

An interesting question was related to the social fracture affecting the club, he admitted that it has an influence in the team, though also admitted the responsibility of the players, “Clearly this isn’t the best for anyone. The other day the environment was weird, it seemed we have passed the limit. At times I had the impression that they were waiting to see what happens and then ask for responsibilities. I already tell you that it isn’t the best. We are also to blame for this. If things would be better then it would be different, but it’s difficult and in the end we must be united and be accountable at the end of the games and the end of the season.”

“We are in a situation in which Deportivo is the one in danger. I believe that we will surpass this period, later you can ask things after the games and at the end of the season. Later you can be accountable and talk, but the current moment is difficult and the best is to be more united. The other day the feelings were weird. We lived a period after what happened in Madrid that was hard, there were consequences and there were news and opinions. The team improved and it seemed that things were surpassed, now it seems the disunion is total. No one wins with this confrontation and the loser in the club.” He added.

Manuel Pablo explained what the team needs to do in order to change this situation, “The first thing is to win, or at least to offer positive feelings. The important thing is to win. Things will be better with positive results. Ten games are remaining and the best is to be cheering up during the games and later ask for responsibilities. At the end of the season we can talk of the good and bad things. What I ask is that, once on the field, we must have a unity with the team. We are the protagonists and we are the ones that must solve the situation, but it helps to feel the support coming from the stands and it is what it is.”

He was concern as he believes that fear is blocking the fluidity of the team, something he repeated several times during the press conference, “For me the main rival is the fear. Later things can go badly, but if you have fear then it will always go bad. I’m worried, because we are missing fluidity. I try to be critic with ourselves.”

“The true is that we have missed the fluidity previous to these defeats. In the past even losing the games it was possible to see this fluidity. We have missed to compete. I don’t know if it was fear, but we must change as we need to win the coming games. We must try to regain confidence in the things we were doing right, now we are having doubts.” He added.

The right-back doesn’t want to think that Depor’s goal must be to only leave three teams behind at the standings, “Surely you must try to leave three teams behind, but I don’t think like that. For me you cannot be content only with that. I remember the relegation with Lotina, we barely were in relegation until the last matchday and for me it isn’t enough to only look at the rivals; you cannot only be content with that.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo expressed his feelings for not having a big participation in the league season, “We are there with other players. You trend to believe that, in our current situation, you can have more opportunities, but the coach considers that he has to use other players. Several players are in the same situation.”



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