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30 Mar 2015
Álex Bergantiños conceded an interview to newspaper Deporte Campeón, he talked as one of the team’s captains regarding the social fracture that’s affecting Deportivo.

Q: How do feel affected by the social breakdown that exists at Depor?
A: It's complicated. It’s a difficult year in that regard. We were coming from a few seasons of communion with the fans, years in which everything was spectacular in every aspect. People were hooked and returning to the stadium and, unfortunately, this year, for other reasons, are spreading around. There are open fronts and we have lost that full communion at the stadium.

Q: You even prefer playing away from home.
A: The atmosphere is different. Although we are professionals and we are used to these things in other stadiums, to see it happening at your home makes you feel weird. But it’s also true that not everyone acts like this, yes there are fans who try to cheer us up, but this instability is in all aspects and makes people not been focused in the game. You are more alert of the reactions and manifestations of one sector, and that hurts the cohesion that existed before.

Q: And that is very dangerous for Depor, especially facing the crucial stretch of the tournament
A: All the differences must fixed during these weeks, because it’s critical to face these remaining games at home, there are not too many. People have to be focused in Depor. You may like about a coach or a player, but in the end, what the city needs and what we all need is that Deportivo could be saved at Primera División. You have to sign a truce in that regard, at least during the two hours that people are on the field, the fans need to push, to notice that environment. I have faith that we will recover the environment of other games, people are going to realize how much is at stake in these last days and the Riazor will sign this little truce during the games.
Q: Do you need dialogue to resolve this divorce?
A: In this life, with dialogue, everything can be fixed. Now there are too many fronts, against la liga, against the board. The Federation of Peñas too, with everything that has happened it is somewhat divided on the club, then it's hard to please everyone in the short term. We need now that truce to solve this season and then start again from scratch, to talk with everyone, every part exposing what they think, it is good for Depor and together we must reach a consensus to cool tempers and everyone should be united around Deportivo.

Q: Manuel Pablo has offered to mediate between the club and the fans if necessary.
A: We, especially the captains and the Deportivistas from A Coruña, want to see Depor going well. All we moved to see Depor at Primera and if there’s any way we can help, we always will do it, trying to support at all times, so the fans and the club are united, because this will make the team to remain at Primera.



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