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17 Oct 2006
It seems that coach Caparr??s finds a special motivation each time he faces his 'personal nemesis', Real Betis. The Utrera-born trainer and confessed lover of Sevilla FC has only suffered one defeat in fourteen games against his city rival. His behavior during Sunday's match has irritated the president of Betis, who criticised some of the things done by Caparr??s.

It's very well know that Depor's coach, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s, still has Sevilla in a special place in his heart. And for that reason he continues to see Betis as one of his main rivals. The Sevillan trainer likes to use music and signboards as motivation factors for his players. And Sunday's confrontation was the perfect occasion to use his motivational skills.

It was reported that Caparr??s put some music in Luis de Lopera's locker room, but it wasn't any kind of music. It were the songs of El Arrebato, a Sevillan composer that wrote the centenario hymn for Sevilla FC. So, the phrase "his mother was Sevilla and she gave her name to the fans in order to defend it..." was heard in Betis' stadium. Depor's coach also made several gestures during the game (check out the picture of this article).

And the situation has irritated Betis' president Pepe Le??n, who criticised the attitude of Depor's coach: "I don't want to generate bad relations with Caparr??s, because he is already a big boy to know what he is doing. He says that he doesn't have anything against Betis' fans, but the true is that we, the directors and coaches, are the first ones that must show the example with our behavior." The response of Caparr??s was: "I always make that gestures here. I respect Betis' fans, although I am not welcome here."

But the provocation isn't a thing existing in only one side of this story. It was also reported that a group of at least 200 people were waiting for Caparr??s at the Luis de Lopera before Sunday's match. The reason was to dedicate to him their chants and whistles. During the match the 'special dedication' of the fans increased, and it was then when Caparr??s started to make his gestures.

In any case, it's clear that Caparr??s' motivation has worked very well with his players. The Utrera-born coach has only lost one of fourteen games against Betis. Since his arrival to Depor, Caparr??s has achieved one win and two draws against his city rival. Maybe each game should be understood as the Sevillan derby from now own.

The Brazilian Filipe Luis was banished from Sunday's game after he saw a second yellow card in a polemic action. Depor's winger was standing in front of the ball when Alberto Rivera took a free-kick, referee Daud?©n Ib???±ez understood that Filipe was delaying the game intensionally and he left Deportivo with ten men. The club protested the sanction in la liga on Monday, and the competition comittee decided to lift the second yellow card. Now, Filipe is able to play on next Saturday against Atl?©tico Madrid.

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