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05 Apr 2015
Depor’s coach hinted that Fariña and Lucas are going to play, while he insisted that only the stronger team in a mental sense will survive. The coach of Getafe didn’t want to give clues about the lineup for the game.

Pablo Franco Martín is the unexpected coach that should leave Getafe CF to clinch the salvation. The Madrilenian club began the season with Cosmin Contra, but he left in order to accept an offer from China and his successor, Quique Sánchez Flores, only stayed for seven games and later resigned alleging personal reasons.

So, 34-year-old Pablo Franco, who only had seven months commanding Getafe B, was named as the improvised coach for the visit to Córdoba CF. The Madrilenians won the game (1-2) and it was later confirmed that he was going to stay in the job until the end of the season. He later lost before Real Sociedad (0-1) and Atletico Madrid (0-2).

Martín is now completing his fourth game at the elite and is facing the most experienced coach at Primera: Víctor Fernández, who after two and half decades is completing his match number 553 at Liga BBVA.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for 21 minutes. He was asked if Pablo Insua is going to be the one replacing Lopo and immediately responded that, “Insua and ten more are going to play. We cannot repeat the lineup. I have plenty confidence in him and this is a new demonstration of my confidence. I hope he can make a step forward, it depends on him to make a step forward regarding his performance. I believe his contribution to the group is important, he trained at the top and is ready to live a game with tension. I hope he can contribute with his individual performance.”

He was talking of the rival, “All the games are decisive and important, the last stretch is important and we entered that phase. I honestly believe the rival doesn’t belong to the position they are, they should be upper. They have very good players and are mixing experience and youth, they have unbalance in the offensive half, but if they are there it is because they made something wrong. We will see if we can compete with responsibility.”

The Aragonian coach insisted that Depor must show more things in this decisive moment, “With what we have been doing within the last matchdays it isn’t enough. We all must bring something else. If we achieve this plus, a little quality leap, then we will achieve good results, as we did in the previous phase. It’s the moment of truth and we need to demonstrate it.”

An idea repeated from past press conferences is that Depor and the teams fighting for the permanence are feeling the pressure of the moment, “There’s more pressure and it’s a burden, but not only for us. It’s the same for all the teams. I have been saying it for two weeks. It’s hard for us to win, but it’s the same for the rest of teams fighting to survive. That excessive pressure is affecting, but at the same time we are close to the salvation.”

“We are talking of a negative hypothesis that’s affecting everyone. If we are able to face this so negative environment then we will have more chances. If we are a united and a mentally strong team then we have more possibilities, because technically there are small difference between the teams. Look at Eibar, they were the champions at Segunda and had a great start, it was even talked of Europe and now little by little they are entering into our fight. I believe we must be positive, that we will achieve the goal and also that we are going to improve. There are players on here that have lived terrible things: two relegations. And we must move away from that.” He added.

Víctor was hinting that Lucas and Fariña are going to play, this after been asked for their discrete match together against Espanyol, “They must know each other better, they have only played together two or three games. I believe Fariña has only played 1,000 minutes on this season, Lucas is around that mark too and they coincided only for some moments. The match against Valencia was the best version of Fariña on the wing and the best version of Lucas as a playmaker. In the last game it wasn’t possible because Lucas didn’t find his position. It’s a mixture that we need to repeat and insist. They must reach a point of understanding. Clearly they cannot play in the same position and must find the solutions as we did against Valencia.”

Depor’s coach also hinted that there will be rotations during the week as Depor will face three meetings in a matter of eight days, “There will be changes in the roster, I already said it. Everybody deserves to be in, and unfortunately things are easier now for the injuries of Wilk, Salomão and Postiga. I will make rotations in the roster according to the rival’s conditions. Anyone can end playing on here. For me it will be very difficult to repeat the lineup, there are similar players in some positions and I guess we can have casualties. There will be changes and it will be very hard that the lineup will be the same for the next three games.”

Finally, Fernández was explaining how he saw his players after the international break, “It’s complicated. Tomorrow we face an important game and, with so many people out, to reset their heads is tough. It isn’t easy, but I see they are fine. Some are more content than others. Celso played a lot and José was euphoric. Haris played 55 minutes and Cavaleiro came sad as he wanted to play the last game. They are now focused and it’s my problem to see if they are ready for tomorrow’s battle.”

Getafe’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He was telling the reporters that the international break brought positive things to his team, “These two weeks were pretty fine, we got fresh air and regained some joy. I believe you cannot be better in an emotional and football sense.”

He was praising Deportivo, “I believe it’s a team doing the merits to be upper at the standings. They are creating goal opportunities based in the good possession of the ball, just like all the teams coached by Víctor Fernández. Maybe right now there’s some uncertainty as we don’t know who can play after the international break. They have been making changes during the week and it could affect our planning. We know we must be watching our backs with Cavaleiro and Oriol Riera. They also can damage us with the set-pieces.”

The Madrilenian man doesn’t want to talk of calculations in order to secure the permanence, “Telling the true we haven’t make calculations. What we want for now is to trespass the barrier of the thirty points. Let’s hope we can have 32 by tomorrow’s night, then to face the game against Elche and so on.”

With Alexis Ruano back, the coach didn’t want to clarify if he will play as a right back or as a centre-back, “We measure Alexis in order to perform as a full-back and also as a centre-back, on this year he has even played as a centre midfielder. He’s polyvalent and our captain. He transmit a lot to the team and clearly it’s an added value to have him on the field. The other day Vigaray played as a right back and in another opportunity was Álvaro Arroyo. Tomorrow we have three possibilities, also have three possibilities for the two central positions at defence, since that point we will decide.”

Finally, Pablo Franco neither clarified the positions of the attackers, this after been asked if Diego Castro or Fredy Hinestroza are going to play, “We have been testing during the week, when you have small chances then you must try to create competence. There are a lot of possibilities. Fredy can play on the wing, Diego can do it as a centre midfielder or Pablo Sarabia can play on the right wing. Pedro León can also play on the left wing and we are working with that alternatives, because we can use them during the games. We worked at the top during the week, studying what will happen during the game, thinking of which alternatives can be more productive according to every moment that we can face during the match.”



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