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09 Apr 2015
The coach didn’t survive the last ultimatum after his team could only rescue a point before Córdoba CF. The coach said good-bye in the press conference after the game, later the club confirmed his exit.

The poor moment of Deportivo has provoked the exit of Víctor Fernández. Depor deserved to lose before Córdoba CF despite rescuing a point and the Aragonian coach was sacked. There were strong rumours that there was an ultimatum over Víctor, something that already happened in the home games before Valencia CF and Elche CF.

The rumour was that Víctor was going to be sacked in case of not winning the game, the same coach confirmed that he received a call from the president on Monday telling him about the need to win the game. In the end the 1-1 was the final result and he was fired. Víctor even said good-bye to the players in the press conference after the game and before the club released the statement.

“For what I was told on Monday, I believe this was my last game. I am waiting for the call from my president. I want to thank my players for their sacrifice. It was an honour to meet them. I wish the best for Depor. I believe you will clinch the permanence, though I’m also convinced we were going to be saved if I would have stayed. I cannot presume that I was within the goal, but the true is that I was accomplishing the goal." He said in a long press conference.

Minutes later the club officially announced the exit of the coach. The replacement wasn’t officially announced, the club only informed that the president will offer a press conference as soon as the new coach is hired. The main candidate for the job is ex-Depor Víctor Sánchez del Amo.

Víctor Fernández never settled at Deportivo; a major part of the fans never liked him as they were still upset for the exit of former coach Fernando Vázquez, also because the team never practiced attractive football, something that was promised at the beginning of the season.

 Despite the team spent the major part of the time out of relegation, the true is that it always left negative feelings. The stats were also negative as Deportivo only added 27 points in 30 games and lost the half of the matches disputed under his command. His team only scored 25 goals and allowed 47.



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