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14 Apr 2015
The media was unanimous in the positive meaning of the draw at Anoeta, beyond the point added the papers were satisfied with the performance and especially the attitude of the team in the debut of Víctor Sánchez.

Deporte Campeón: Point of competitiveness. Deportivo snatched a point on their visit to Anoeta based in the competitiveness. It's nothing new to say that Real Sociedad have a great team, with names like Castro, Granero, Canales, Vela... In order to extract oil from a field where the big teams have lost you need to be focused during the entire match, and so it was.

Victor opted for continuity in the block, with a few tweaks, and he guessed right. The appearance of Manuel Pablo was one of the keys of the match, as well as the changes during the game that improved the performance instead of been 'step backwards'. Depor never left the game, it never stepped back, it never gave up and showed that, playing as a team, it can get the results. Good debut for Victor. Everybody, the players and the fans, deserve it. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Tactical continuity, mental revolution of Deportivo in Anoeta. Sometimes, you don’t need to change much for everything to change. And these days Víctor Sánchez made an exercise of continuity trying to reinforce the aspects that Depor already dominated and polish those he watched that needed an improvement. The result was to present a lineup with little news to sign an exciting first half and a second that, although with a little prayer, it invites to believe. The draw will be calibrated at the end of the season. For the moment it serves to maintain distance with relegation, besides emotionally not losing is always positive, especially when there is a change. Alexandre Centeno.

La Opinión A Coruña: Minor differences. It’s logical to have minimal differences within the few days of training with Víctor Sánchez: Fabricio takes the goal kicks faster, Lucas seems to be the protagonist in the set-pieces, the defence in corners and lateral free-kicks comes out quickly in order to provoke an offside, some news on the strategy for the corners and more shots on goal.

From the beginning Depor made the same system used all season long, with the forced change of Manuel Pablo against a loose Real Sociedad that apparently should be in our league fighting to avoid relegation. The first half was totally for Deportivo, fluent, with control of the game, with arrival but without goal. Perhaps at first Juanfran hung too many balls into the area from far back, because José Rodríguez covered his arrival rather than support him by the inside. It was a pity to not take advantage of the corner-kicks.

In the second half Depor followed the same line, with arrivals by the side and by the middle, but with the entry of Toché and the consequent change to a 4-4-2 system, Depor had more balance, forcing Real Sociedad to play on the counterattack, defended well and attacked better, getting the deserved equalizer. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

AS: Great finish by Chory Castro and good debut for Víctor on the bench. Victor debuted on the bench for Depor with a draw of merit in Anoeta. Worthwhile for attitude, football and for knowing how to get up twice seen themselves behind on the scoresheet, especially the second after a great goal by Chory Castro.

At the beginning, the game started with surprise, and not by the lineup of Victor. Real, with European ambitions, came out too shy, locked at the back, giving the ball and waiting for a mistake to mount the counterattack. The team in relegation, Depor, was much more intense, secure and persistent. And it wasn’t a mirage, it was constant during the first half an hour. Yes, equal in opportunities. For Depor the show was to add a golden point with the goal by Toché. It was the prize to the domain and faith with which Victor sends a clear message: this team is very much alive. Luis de La Cruz

Marca: This Depor have a point. Deportivo La Coruña left a good impression in Anoeta and stood up to a Real Sociedad that was in advantage twice on the scoresheet. The new team of Víctor Sánchez won a golden point in a complicated field and demonstrated against a high rival that it can achieve the objective assigned to him: the permanence.

This result prevents Deportivo to move away from the relegation zone, but with this attitude eventually the victories will come in this final stretch of the season. For their part, David Moyes’ men will definitely wake of the European dream and stay in no man's land. Javier Estepa

Noticias de Gipuzkoa: This Real have nothing more. It's a shame, but this Real cannot give more. We have to thank that it will be saved without excessive trouble, because, seeing how bad it plays, how easy they concede goals and how predictable and slow is for everything, sometimes it’s difficult to understand how it may have added 38 points so far in the campaign. Luckily the league’s level has dropped so much that the shock of this year could have been hard to forget. Nine months later, we still don’t know how they play. It’s a team without consistency, soft, with an alarming lack of personality and that wastes almost all opportunities that are appearing in the way.

Although it didn’t deserve it, yesterday it was winning before Deportivo in the second half and the three points were essential to aspire to a miraculous European qualification. Again, the team wasted their advantage too easily due to a poorly defended play and lost a booty that would have allowed to excite their fans. Mikel Recalde.



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