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16 Apr 2015
Playmaker Lucas Pérez addressed the media before Wednesday’s training, he didn’t want to talk of his future and assured that Depor won’t suffer the relegation. He also talked of Víctor Fernández’s exit.

Lucas Pérez talked to journalists before Wednesday’s training session at the press room in Abegondo. He begun warning that Atlético Madrid will arrive fully focused in this game and not in the Champions League series with Real Madrid, “I believe Atlético Madrid will come to the Riazor in order to win, with everything. They already left clear the message that they are going game by game and I don’t think they would like to lose the third place and the spot in Champions for next year. I believe they are coming to the Riazor for everything. “

“Atlético Madrid always go to every football field playing with their style, and on here they won’t come speculating, they will play with their own style. They have been doing the same since some years ago. They are coming for the three points and we must try to stop it. Deportivo must go out willful, especially at home we need to win the games and get the points for the permanence.” He added.

He was also talking of the exit of former coach Víctor Fernández and the arrival of Víctor Sánchez, “After the game with Córdoba we were feeling screwed. It was a crucial game, but we got a draw and thanks. Now, with the plus of the new coach, all the players want to demonstrate things. The result in Anoeta, after been losing twice and been able to tie, it can motivate us.”

“I believe there was always attitude, with both Víctor Fernández and now with the new Víctor. What happens is that some things were working out and some don’t. I believe we cannot extract more from the game with Real Sociedad, because the coach only had two days, now he needs more time in order to see what he asks from us. We are with the new coach and you should be calm, as Deportivo will be save. We must be focused and believe in what we are doing, just what Víctor [Fernández] asked for us. He asked attitude and concentration, another thing is the results.” He added.

Then the playmaker said that he didn’t have any personal conversation with the new coach, “We haven’t talked individually, but in the five or six days that he had been here he has been preparing a lot of things, because there are many players and he needs to be taking care of many things. We will try to do what he wants and we need to add in order to stay at Primera División, which is everybody’s goal.”

Lucas missed a penalty in the last game against Real Sociedad, he explained that the coach decides who will take the set-pieces, “It’s a decision of the coach. With Víctor [Fernández] we were the same, in that sense Borges and me. I failed this time, but was able to score later. If he coach decides that someone else must throw it, then someone else will throw it.”

A thing that has called the attention with Víctor Sánchez are the long video sessions with the players; Lucas commented the issue, “It’s an idea of the coach, he wants to transmit all the information before the game and it’s another view of football. It’ welcomed. The important thing is to add the three points on Saturday. There won’t be a problem if we have to watch five or six hours of football.”

He is optimistic regarding the surviving chances of Deportivo, “The only side that won’t be among the last three places is Deportivo, it is clear to me. I don’t know how the rest wants to distribute the last three places, but Depor won’t be down there. I said it since the first day: we won’t go down. Deportivo will stay at Primera División.”

Finally, Lucas didn’t want to talk of his future after been asked about the rumor that Depor are negotiating his final transfer to the Galician club, “If Depor end at Primera División I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know what will happen. My intention is to save Deportivo, there’s a long summer to go.”



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