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17 Apr 2015
Haris Medunjanin has been the first player coming out to say that things weren’t fine with Víctor Fernández; he didn’t like the fact that the previous coach didn’t talk to the players and praised the new ideas of Víctor Sánchez.

Haris Medunjanin  addressed the media on Thursday, he could be a starter on Saturday, but what called the attention were his sincere words about what was going on with former coach Víctor Fernández. The Bosnian criticized the lack of communication of the Aragonian man with the players, while he praised the new style of Víctor Sánchez.

He was firstly asked about the differences in the training sessions, and the response was, “I believe we are having very good trainings, for the first time in the year we are training hard. It was something I was missing. You have to train hard; you know, we are dead inside the changing room after the sessions. It’s a different thing now, because the coach has a plan and is more professional. I believe the result was already seen against [Real] Sociedad.”

Haris continued analyzing the problems of Deportivo, “Everybody knows that we didn’t play well before and didn’t get the points. We didn’t play as a team and against Real Sociedad we demonstrated to people that we can play football, being like a team. I believe more is needed in order to improve.”

The midfielder said that the new coach is explaining the roles in their positions, something that didn’t happen before with Fernández, “Before we were playing with players with quality, if they were doing something then we were seizing the chance, but if they weren’t doing things then we don’t play, now we have a plan and everybody knows what their position are. It’s easier for the players. You don’t have to run more if you are well placed.”

About the fact of been watching a lot of videos during the trainings, the comment was, “He [Víctor Sánchez] has everything prepared. We are all day long watching videos and preparing the game against [Atlético] Madrid. We have clear what we have to do. Everybody knows what their positon are and I believe that this is more professional. You can see the results.”

The Bosnian continued analyzing the situation with the new coach, “I believe we have enough squad to save ourselves. We must believe in the permanence. With this coach that has arrived we now have a clear plan. We still have six more games, without taking in mind the game with Barca, and we need to win three. I believe that, with the plan that he has, and if the players are fully focused, we can improve a lot. We have to look at every game and we need to get something against Atlético Madrid.”

“I am working every day, sometimes things work out and some tines it doesn’t. All the players have low points throughout the season, but now with the new energy brought by this new coach, and now that every player knows what we must do, we don’t need to run so much in order to do the same. Now we see everything as a team, before only two or three players were reaching the area in order to attempt the shot, now we are doing it with five. It’s going to be tougher until the end of season, but if we don’t believe then we will never start.” He added.

During the press conference Haris said in several times that Víctor Fernández was a coach that didn’t talk too much with the players, something he didn’t like, “All the players want now to train, the coach talks with everybody. Before we didn’t have that. Everybody has more confidence and is good. Someone said that we need twenty-five players, because you cannot reach the salvation only with eleven. “

Then he complained for not playing too much in recent months, “It’s difficult to be fine after spending two and a half months without playing or only for ten or five minutes, and when you have to play ninety minutes then you are tired. If you put a player on the bench and then allow him to play five, ten or thirty minutes then you don’t feel ready. Now we are what we are and there’s no excuse as we all are fit to play.”

Despite the criticism, Medunjanin assured that the players felt respected with the previous coach, “There was respect, but the other coach had a different style, and this has his own style. If you ask me I prefer this way, because he talks to the players and I believe that the other coach didn’t talk to you. The other coach left you out and didn’t talk to you. You need all the players and you cannot yield in a match if you spent two and a half months out. It’s what happened.”

He also denied the idea that the players weren’t giving everything with Víctor Fernández,  “Off course not. Now he [the new coach] talks to you if you aren’t fine. He tells you that you won’t play this game but that you have to improve for the next match. I believe it’s something good, professional. You need to be sincere and not to be afraid, because we know that we cannot platy the full 38 games. If you won’t play, then you have to keep training. Off course we were giving everything, but you can end giving everything and not been a team. Now we can see the difference.”

He also assured that the players enjoyed the previous stage, this after been asked if the team didn’t enjoy the training sessions with Víctor Fernández, “I didn’t say that, only that this is a different way. We also enjoyed with the other coach, he has his way of training as he’s another kind of coach. I believe we also enjoyed with him, but when you face a negative streak of results I believe we didn’t see the freshness that we have now.”

The midfielder also mentioned in several opportunities that the new coach is bringing a new energy, “We are still screwed, but there’s a different energy now at the changing room, we now believe that we can save ourselves. Before we were traveling to the games only to play, we didn’t have a clear idea of what do to. Respecting Córdoba they passed over us at home, and it cannot be like that. I am not saying that we are going to win 3-0 now, but that we can achieve a good result with this way.”

What he didn’t want to analyze is if the previous coach should have been fired before, “I cannot talk of those things. I am here in order to play football. A good energy has arrived and we needed that. We are clear about what we must do. Everything is prepared. If you don’t yield then they will criticized you, but I believe there’s a good energy at the changing room and it’s important to see that the team believes that we can save ourselves.”

Medunjanin neither wanted to talk of his chances of been a starter against Atlético, “I don’t know anything. If you know it then I don’t know. I see the lineup on Saturday. If you are there you go out, if not you have to be on the bench ready to enter. We need all the players, because we need to save ourselves.”

About the rival, Haris commented that, “The game will be difficult as we face last year’s champion. Everybody knows how they play. They are facing Real Madrid now, but will play hard in this game too. It will be important not to lose.”



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