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23 Apr 2015
Deportivo continue to be a team that suffers a lot with the set-pieces, three of the last four goals allowed came in these kinds of plays, while the Galicians are the second worst team scoring goals in strategic plays.

In recent years it has been common to see Deportivo suffering with the set-pieces, both defending these kinds of plays and also scoring goals in this way, and the present season is a new demonstration of the sorrow lived by the team during these plays.

Three of the last four goals allowed were set-pieces, both against Atlético Madrid and the penalty against Real Sociedad. It’s something that raised the number to fourteen goals allowed in set-pieces during the season. The main headache is related to the corner-kicks as five of the goals in set-pieces were conceded in these kinds of plays.

Meanwhile, Deportivo have only scored seven goals in set-pieces. It’s the second worst mark in la liga, only above Córdoba CF (5). Of those seven goals, four were penalties, one was the direct free-kick scored by Haris Medunjanin against Sevilla CF and the other two set-pieces were lateral free-kicks that ended in goals.

These numbers could be bigger, but Depor missed three penalties on this season (the highest number at Primera), including one a fortnight ago against Real Sociedad that indeed ended in a goal, while Fabricio & Lux combined already blocked two penalties.

Former coach Víctor Fernández never found the way to stop the bleeding, while new boss Víctor Sánchez has been working in the issue, among other problems, since his arrival, but hasn’t succeeded yet, something demonstrated by the two goals allowed before Atlético on last Sunday (after a corner-kick and a throw-in).

In a competitive league like Primera División, especially now that the season is ending, it’s very important to control every aspect in the game. A set-piece could end costing a game, the points and even the permanence at the elite.



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