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23 Apr 2015
Right-back/winger Juanfran has things clear: the players don’t understand why Depor are living a bad streak, but must bear the situation working harder and pointing to win every game, starting with Sunday’s visit to Malaga.

Juanfran Moreno addressed the media after Wednesday’s training session. According to him, the players work hard every week, but the results haven’t arrived lately which leaves a feeling of impotence among them. But for him Depor must look to other clubs and realize that, despite the problems, the permanence is at reach.

He admitted that the team is feeling the pressure after spending ten matchdays without winning, “As you can imagine it is tough. We keep working and things don’t work out, then you keep working and things don’t work out again. But you cannot surrender and you must move forward. You have to fight until the end.”

“We are professionals, but truly it affects the morale of the group, but you must keep going. Sometimes you need to look at the sides and realize that several teams are in the same situation. A little push will take you out of the pit, so we are working knowing that we can save ourselves even living in the middle of this negative streak. Evidently we need to break the bad streak and achieve victories, because although the permanence seems to be cheap, it’s useless if you cannot win.” He added.

The Madrilenian defender was praising Malaga CF, the next rival in liga, “Malaga is the same team of the whole year: an intense team with daring players. Maybe this is one of the team that practices the better football at Primera División. We are working hard. The game is crucial as the other countless finals that we have played. Let’s hope we can get the three points.”

He later stated that Depor aren’t thinking of breaking the spell had with Malaga on this season (three games against the Andalusians and only a draw), but of returning to winning ways, “There’s the will to win, not for been Malaga but because we have spent ten matchdays without winning, also because we need to win in order to save ourselves. What you want when you work hard is to get the victory.”

The ex-Betis man also denied making calculations about the points that must be added in the coming visits to Malaga and Elche, “We must go to Malaga and demonstrate that we want to stay at Primera, later we can think of Elche.  What we can’t do is to be making calculations. We must do anything possible to defeat Malaga, later we will think of Elche.”

Finally, Juanfran refused to send a message of hope to the fans; instead he believes the players must act on the pitch, “I believe we cannot be saying anything else; we have spent the whole season conceding press conferences and talking. What we can do is to go out to the field and as soon as the victory is achieved, then the fan will see it. We cannot say anything to them. This has been a difficult year and all we can do is to go out and win. A victory against Malaga is the only way to see the fans believing in this, also ourselves.”




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