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07 May 2015
Laure understands that Deportivo must win two of the last three games in order to clinch the permanence, in this sense he describes the next meeting visiting Athletic Club as the most important one on his career.

Within the last two weeks only the captains of Deportivo have been addressing the media as this is the crucial moment on the season. The last one that did it was Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’, who has a clear picture of what Depor must do in order to avoid a new demotion.

He started saying that the target for Depor is to win two of the last three games, “It’s in everybody’s head what would happen if this rival wins or not, but the clear thing is that if we cannot win, then it’s impossible to save ourselves and reach the goal. We must win two of the last three games. It will be very complicate if we don’t do it. I believe you have to win two more games, because with less than 36 points it will be very hard to reach the salvation.”

Asked how the team plans to win two straight games when they only won six times on the season, the ex-Fabril responded that, “I trust and believe on it. It’s complicated, but if you don’t believe then it will be harder. I am not worried of the others, but we must focus in our job. If you didn’t do the task all year long then you should do it now, and if you don’t do it then you deserve demotion.”

About his last performance against Villarreal, Laure was happier for the impression left by the whole team, “I’m content, mainly for the team, because it left the feeling of ambition, of wanting more, and in the end it is what you like. At least people should leave the field thinking that the players gave everything they had. You cannot miss attitude.”

He couldn’t explain why Deportivo have shown in past games a lack of attitude that  led to drop points, “We have spent the whole year been irregular, having good and bad games, each player has his own characteristics and every coach has a plan. I cannot tell you what this has happened, but understand that people are also asking why.”

Taking in mind the need for points, the right-back defined the game against Athletic as the most important game in his career, “I believe it’s the most important game in my life…. It’s the game, it’s the final for Deportivo and that’s it. It will happen what must happen, but we must leave the impression that the team is feeling it.”

Deportivo have spent two months without been leading a game in the scoresheet (last time against Sevilla CF); the defender commented the issue, “We are aware of it, truly you are always going against the tide. It’s really helpful to see you leading a game, but this year we barely have seen these situations.”

“Everyone must learn how to deal with the pressure, but if you aren’t brave then it isn’t easy to win the game. The concentration is highly important. We are focused in knowing our role and we must execute it, because if not then words and meaningless.” He added.

He admitted that the players are aware of the situation at Almeria and Elche, but that no one at the club has told them that in the worst case they should end 18th at the standings, “Personally nobody has told us anything, but it’s in our heads. The goal is to end as high as possible.”

Finally, Laure was talking of Athletic and the presence of Aduriz, “These players are really important for them, but they are a great team. I don’t know if they have scored goals or won games without Aduriz, but we neither can be thinking too much of them, because if the team does what we should do then we will get something.” 



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