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11 May 2015
All the papers coincided to emphasize the drama lived in San Mamés with the last-minute goal by Lopo. The media wasn’t convinced with the performance of Deportivo, but also points that the result is important in the quest for salvation.

Deporte Campeón: Clinging to hope. Depor claimed a point at San Mamés that may be worth the permanence if they are able to defeat Levante and if the teams coming from behind, Eibar and Granada, fail in the next matchday losing their matches in Getafe and Anoeta respectively. So yesterday’s tie could mean a lot, although a lot remains ahead to achieve the goal.

Lopo found the cross from Cavaleiro, a goal that meant the tie and to see Deportivo still connected to life and Primera División. There is hope although it’s known that things are complicated, but there are options. Riazor has the final outcome.

La Voz de Galicia Lopo brings life to Deportivo. Depor have already entered the realm of the epic to save their tumultuous season. Orphan of football, reviled by the referee, before Athletic it sensed a defeat that was leaving the club with one foot at Segunda Division. But a header by Lopo (the first goal of a defender so far this season) at the 92’ caught Herrerín by surprise and allowed the Deportivismo to express a guttural howl, a mixture of enthusiasm for what may come and fear for what was coming.

The equalizer rescued the survival options of a Depor that once again was plane, as irreproachable in their effort as little in football, a team that suffered the aerial punishment of Aduriz, but also a disallowed goal for Bergantiños difficult to explain, just before the break. Now, the suffered group of Victor Sánchez faces Levante as a window to salvation at the Riazor, with the defibrillator already tested. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: A goal for salvation. A tragedy like the one that yesterday brushed Deportivo, virtually doomed to Segunda División for much of their match against Athletic, could only find a solution with a resource at the height of the drama. It came when the match at San Mamés was dying, with big part of the thousand Galician fans assimilating a bitter trip from Bilbao, on the final play. That goal at the 93’ starts the flame of salvation virtually extinct until the centre-back headed the cross by Cavaleiro inside the area, and take it out of relegation. That goal eclipsed everything, including the irregular game of Los Blanquiazules, unambitious for most of the game.

It turns, however, that Deportivo not only play the games, but must also conform itself to what it is dictated by the situation at the standings and the rest of results to avoid relegation. These circumstances are moved to the pitch in the same way as the rivals do and it seems to choke the players more than necessary.

Later it came the ecstasy with the goal from Lopo. In the added time, the centre-back headed a cross from Ivan Cavaleiro that escaped from the hands of Herrerín just as the permanence was slipping from Deportivo at the time. A goal for salvation. Marcos Otero

Marca: Lopo scores a golden goal. Lopo's goal on the final play of the game, when Deportivo were desperate attacking at San Mamés, aware that it was falling to the relegation zone, allowed Victor’s team to take a deep breath (1-1), a result that tasted like glory, as it was witnessed in the celebration of the players themselves. The point allows Deportivo to end the matchday out of relegation and complicates the European options for Athletic, side that was caressing the three points thanks to Aduriz's header. Deportivo tried until the end, with little football but a lot of heart, and punished a conformist Athletic. Lopo's header looked simple, but Herrerín swallowed it and Deportivo exploded with joy. In a league in which the relegation can be saved with less than 35 points, each point is gold.

With everything lost, Lopo ended up being another striker. In the last breath, Cavaleiro released a cross and the centre-back headed the ball. It wasn’t the header of his life, or it didn’t look like it, but maybe Herrerín converted it into a memorable finish. It will be known in two weeks, but in San Mamés Deportivo’s players celebrated it as a title. The images speak for themselves about the importance of the goal. Athletic, meanwhile, is complicated in its European struggle. Manuel Malagón

AS: Lopo keeps the faith of Deportivo and Athletic move away from Europe. A savior header by Lopo on the last play, with Herrerín failing to clear it, brings life to Deportivo. It did justice to their efforts before an Athletic that was resting on its laurels and that complicates their access to Europe. The centre-back sent a wink of salvation to the fans and incidentally put his loved Espanyol in the fight for the seventh place.

It was a draw that rewarded the faith of a team that was moving towards Liga Adelante and that now gets a tremendous moral boost. The Galicians had everything against them, since in the last matchday they are visiting the Camp Nou. They now have a final at the Riazor that can keep them in Primera if the results help them. A golden goal with capital letters. Nika Cuenca

El Correo (Bilbao): Blow at the last second. Athletic finally faced a matchday from the seventh place, with the confidence of knowing that their future depends exclusively in their success and end in Europe for the second consecutive year. After a monumental streak, the situation of Bilbao’s team was privileged and in order to hold on the pursuers they needed to beat a Deportivo in low hours. Aduriz's header, another for framing, in a dead-ball perfectly executed reopened the road. Later, a disallowed goal to the Galicians kept the lead during the pause. In the second half Athletic had several chances, they failed and ended the game as usual: holding back like a scalded cat, and paid the price. A draw that does justice and that’s useless for both teams.

With the 1-0 Athletic played better, but didn’t dominate because Deportivo had their own chances, like when Luisinho hunt a long ball and faced De Marcos, very alone in defense, but the full-back placed his shot close to the far post. And before the pause the Galician team scored a goal, but Gil Manzano saw a foul of Bergantiños over Rico and disallowed it. The issue of Athletic and the referees in this final stretch is... well, better not to talk about it. Finally, rest.

The match looked like a badminton game with the ball in the air longer than on the ground. Williams lasted too much in defining another approach, he lost the ball and asked for a foul. Yesterday he brought good races but few alternatives. Two plays later, San José saved the goal in the box following a corner-kick. Then Deportivo increased the pressure. It was at hand. Lopo appeared to tie the score with a header in the last minute, thanks to Herrerín. A deserved point that doesn’t serve to continue leading the fight for the seventh place. Joan Navascués



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