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11 May 2015
Mixed feelings at Depor; the players and the coach were content after the team rescued a point at the last minute, but at the same time they were upset with the referee, especially Víctor, who complained of other bad call by Gil Manzano.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was aware of the importance of the point, but spent almost the entire press conference blaming the referee, “It’s hard to explain the feeling, because the effort done by the team during the whole game, facing so many adversities, and been able to avoid the defeat at the last minute, it creates a feeling of satisfaction in the end. But there’s also a feeling of annoyance, because we feel very unfairly treated with the decisions made by the referee today.”

The complaints were beyond the goal disallowed to Álex, “We don’t like to say it. We don’t like to complain and protest, but we received a goal after a foul that for us was inexistent, later they invalidated a goal that was clearly legal as there was no foul. Things were hard for us and I noticed that the first foul in our favour came until minute 30, and it was in a disputed match with a lot of direct game. I lost the count of the opportunities in which Oriol was deliberately pushed and none was whistled.”

“Therefore we had that feeling too at the changing room, because we are worried. And the summit was that only three minutes were added when the rival was wasting time in all the throw-ins of the second part. The injury of their keeper lasted at least two minutes plus the changes, so it was laughable that only three minutes were added. It gives the sense that they want to poke fun at us. We are upset, because we have the feeling that they put a lot of obstacles. It’s seems easier to make decisions with the most weak teams” He added.

The Madrilenian coach is proud of the sacrifice made by the players, “A point is a point, and now we will make the complete analysis with the end of the matchday. We now face the last game at home before Levante. If we described as finals the last two games, in which we picked a point, off course this is also a final and we will fight to get the victory. The team is demonstrating that it never surrenders before any adversity, it demonstrated it in these matches in which we were all together.”

Finally, Víctor was valorizing the fact that both goals came in set-pieces, “You get results in football trying to seize all the elements, and the set-pieces is one of them. For us is very important and we work on that, both offensively and defensively. Today we also allowed a goal in set-pieces and aren’t content about that. We have studied that play, but the rival has quality and seized it. But I insist: that play shouldn’t have existed, because there was no foul previously.”

The players couldn’t understand how the goal of Álex was disallowed. Luisinho commented the issue, “I didn’t understand why the goal was disallowed; for me the referee was wrong. Now we must think of winning against Levante.”

The Portuguese player confessed that the goal tasted like a victory, “It was an important point in a difficult game, been like this it tasted like three points. It was a goal from the heart, with courage, the team made a big effort in order to achieve it.”

Álex Bergantiños was surprised with the decision of disallowing his goal, “I am shock, because never knew that he had whistled. You can be wrong in an offside call, but what you cannot do is to invent an inexistent foul.”

“In the end I told him that he’s a good referee, but that call wouldn’t have been made in a Barsa-Madrid. I talked to Mikel [Rico], who is my friend, and he admitted that he didn’t know why he whistled. I believe that neither the referee knew why.” The midfielder added.

Meanwhile, Albert Lopo scored the equalizer and the first goal for a Depor’s defender during this season; he commented the play, “I was lucky to hit the ball, the keeper helped a lot too and I’m happy as this point is important to keep us in the fight. We welcome the goal. It didn’t matter who was going to score, but we needed to add a point.”

The Catalan defender also thanked the support of the 1,100 fans that traveled to Bilbao, “The fans were great, ten points for them, always cheering us up. Hopefully we would be able to defeat Levante and achieve the permanence. If today’s game is a final, then the next game is the final. We must defeat Levante and expect for the other results.”

At Athletic Club, Ernesto Valverde wasn’t content with the performance of his team, "Taking in mind the situation at the standings it wasn’t definitive, but significant. Now we have to keep fighting and see how things end. What worries me is us. Our game should be more fluid. We have faced a long league, but we have to endure and we can do much better of what we did today.”

"We weren’t playing with fire, but were unable to kill the game in the counterattack and neither knew how to defend the offensive plays from Deportivo They were forced and played with a lot of people up front, almost with a line of six or seven players. They went out with everything and we didn’t have fluently. We started well, but as the game passed we have been running out of game and they have been growing.” He added.



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