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13 May 2015
There was a meeting on Tuesday that didn’t resolve the problem, there’s a new meeting today that might be definitive though there are doubts on what will be the strategy of the RFEF.

The chaos continues in la liga. The strike of the players’ union (AFE), supported by the Spanish Federation (RFEF), continues after a failed meeting on Thursday. The LFP president, Javier Tebas and the AFE’s president, Luis Rubiales, attended to the meeting, but the RFEF president Ángel María Villar. wasn’t present in the reunion scheduled by the Interfederal Service of Mediation and Arbitration (SIMA).

The next step is to wait for Wednesday, because the national court has called all the parties involved and the entity could declare that the strike is illegal as the rights of the players haven’t been violated, this is the main hope for the LFP as the players will be forced to attend to the weekend’s games, however it is feared that the RFEF will not name referees for the meetings, which will make impossible to play the games.

Tebas commented the issue after Tuesday’s meeting, "This is one of the concepts of the right to strike: that the matchday would be amortized and the players should know it. We are in a trap strike, a lockout, because the federation is closing the season with the suspension of the competition and then with the players' strike. We will have to ask Villar, who seems to be the one who decides everything."

There are two hypotheses on what could happen now; one is that the strike will be lifted on Thursday or Friday after the resolution of the national court, which will allow to play the next matchday. The other is that the strike will stay for the weekend. Tebas has hinted that it will be impossible to recover matchday 37 due to the tight calendar, therefore the season 2014/15 will end here, with only 36 matchdays disputed.

The RFEF and AFE are not satisfied with a new law, which was supported by the LFP, introducing collective bargaining for domestic television rights. The AFE is reclaiming to receive money from this new deal, for now the LFP has said that it isn’t in his hands to allow this and that they can only offer to guarantee the players’ wages. The strike is also understood as a new chapter in the fight for power between the RFEF and LFP, entities that have shown different opinions on the way in which Spanish football has been handled.



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