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15 May 2015
Deportivo signed a new extension in the sponsoring contract with Estrella Galicia. The new deal is lasting one season with the chance of having an extra year.

Second renewal in the sponsoring contract between Deportivo and Estrella Galicia. On Thursday both entities conceded a press conference and confirmed the issue. The previous contract was signed in 2011 and this new extension is for one more season plus the chance of having an additional year.

The press conference was conceded by Ignacio Rivera and Tino Fernández, the first is the president of Hijos de Rivera, S.A., which is the Brewery company that owns the brand Estrella Galicia. Rivera told to reporters that his brand will always support Depor despite the results that the team could have.

During the press conference Tino Fernández explained two important issues that represent good news for the club. The first is the new TV contract that will be possible thanks to the new law approved by congress. “Deportivo at Primera División, which is the place where we will be on next year, will increase its incomes between 30 and 35%, though there are some issues to be fixed first.”

“All the actors will now receive more money. Yes, we all wanted more and Deportivo is the first in the lane, but we must understand that everyone is growing. At Depor this new money has two destinies: one is the players and the rest is to pay the debt.” He added.

The second issue announced by the president is the possibility to extend the payment of the €10.8 million owed to the Treasury for the income tax that’s the product of the past administration. According to the account laws the extraordinary incomes reported in past administrations provoked a tax of €10.8 million, the club was trying to postpone the payment as the bankruptcy law was forcing to make it on this year.

But the bankruptcy law was modified on this week and it allows now the debtor to make the payment in 34 years. The president explained that it was difficult to find a solution and thanked the major of A Coruña for his help, “We are talking of €10.8 million and we didn’t find a solution. We asked for a delay, but it wasn’t possible, luckily it was possible to understand the problem. The major convinced the politicians to introduce a change to the Senate, so we can now pay the tax throughout the administration case. We should thank the major for this.”




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