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26 May 2015
Víctor Sánchez talked for the last time on the season. He analyzed the last part of the league tournament and assured that the club is already working and planning next campaign.

The last press conference of the season held by Víctor Sánchez Del Amo turned to be the longest one with the Madrilenian on board. On Monday he talked for 32 minutes with reporters and analyzed the last part of the league tournament. He thanked everyone, including the fans, for their support and confirmed that the club is already working in the making of the team for next campaign, though without giving details. The following is a summary of the main things said by Depor’s coach.

 “We are very happy for clinching the goal. It was to keep the team at Primera División; we all understand that it was deserved, all who have the feeling of been deportivista. It’s a team that must be at Primera División for what it represents. They gave me a stat: The fans of Depor are the ones that make more kilometers among the ones at Primera División. It has a lot to do with the feelings for the club. The support from the fans is fundamental. We are happy for clinching the goal, firstly to give them this joy.”

“I stay with the message of hope. Yesterday I rested and it was useful to reply to the more than 300 phone messages congratulating me. Everybody deserved a reply and I’m thanking all of them. The most repeated message is the hope, because the fans have recovered the hope. It’s fundamental and is a target that we had. The fans are important. I’m convinced that part of the job for clinching the goal, despite the problems had with all the problems and tension, it was thanks to the union with the fans.”

“You see things differently when you are a coach. We saw the permanence as a title for what it was, this for the commitment. It was like a title, because it isn’t the same to be at Primera than at Segunda. We came here in order to see Deportivo staying at Primera. I’m thrilled. I see a commitment inside the team and see that everyone is pulling in the same direction. “

“I’m bored of these comments; it’s the same every season. People complain according to what they have suffered. It’s a respectful position. We, instead of complaining, search for solutions. I heard that there was a passive attitude in the goal of Salomão, well you can see the same in our goals. If we would have been playing for nothing then they could say: how they left Messi so alone? Judging our goals allowed you can also make those valorizations and everybody has the right to judge, but’ it’s a no sense.”

“I always said that the more negative moments must be assumed as challenges. You cannot end in fear, because you see opportunities, so beyond negative outcomes the team was able to surpass all of them. That’s the message that we have tried to transmit since the start. We considered that the emotional work was fundamental to recover the group. It was important to recover the spirit. It was fundamental to regain the confidence and determination. “

 “This morning we started to work, since 10AM, we had a meeting with the sporting direction. We cannot lose a minute in the planning, because the rivals are also working. We cannot give further information. There will be the proper time to give the information regarding the casualties, signings and other situations. Right now there’s nothing to comment. We are in a common market with the rest of clubs, and to give further information about the players that interest us means to give advantage to the rivals. We must understand that there’s a process. We started to talk this morning and there are no decisions yet.”

“I am not the one making the signings. They will request my opinion, this morning we talked of names, positons and everything else, but my philosophy as a coach is that the club has a structure that makes decisions and that allows to have stability. I’m ready to help the club, but I am not making the decisions, therefore I am not the one that must release the information. “

“We understand that the market dictates the pace, but it will be good to have the base for the pre-season. In order to define what you want it’s very important to at least have the 90% of the squad available during the pre-season. This morning we had a meeting with Richard Barral, and we are going to have meetings with others. We already started. They asked me when my vacation period will start, but we won’t be on vacation until the planning is ready.”

“For me the ideal thing is to have a short squad, this in order to not waste the resources beyond what’s necessary.  I am player coming out from the academy, so for us it’s very important to follow the evolution of the academy, and for that it’s necessary a space to see the academy players training with us. The market will dictate the number of players, it could be around 22.”

“We were talking this morning about the situation with the loaned players. We have advanced many things. There’s a situation in the market and there’s a limitation in the budget, so you make decisions according to this.”

“It’s an important part of the season. We haven’t defined yet the date to start the competition. It has been commented that it could be on August 16, but we are pending to confirm it. The pre-season will approximately begin 45 days before that date. When we can have a confirmation of the date to start the tournament then we will decide. This is a fundamental stage for me.”

 “We already have a model and there are conditions, because the LFP organizes tours and we must stick to that. For us the most important part is the first stage of the pre-season. It will mark a lot of things. That period will be a concentration of 12 days. We will visits installations searching for the best place. It will be the start of the pre-season. There won’t be trips during this stage. In this stage we will work the concepts and from there will be time for friendly games. Then there will be time to play friendly games in order to gather money, possible compromises with the LFP, we will fit this into a logical thing as we will try to avoid a lap around the world.”

“We won’t valorize the situation of any player as we respect all the parties involved. I have my personal opinion, but won’t make it public. The club and the player must have a meeting and the coach cannot be talking of this. Manuel can do anything he wants taking in mind his conditions.”



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