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31 May 2015
Time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the league season that has ended. This first part presents the analysis of the goalkeepers and the defenders that played for Deportivo during the campaign 2014/15.

Dramatic season for Deportivo; it seemed that the team wasn’t going to suffer after presenting a more regular performance at the beginning of 2015, but the fourteen straight games without victories complicated the things and the permanence was secured until the last game. The defence was terrible at the beginning, later it improved a lot and ended in a mid-term level and only clinching one clean sheer within the last nine matchdays. The following is an analysis of the two keepers and the ten defenders at the first team.

Fabricio Agosto –Savior- (2790 minutes on the season) Called to be the second goalkeeper of the team, he made a step forward after Depor allowed 19 goals within the first 7 matchdays. Coach Víctor Fernández made changes for the home game against Valencia CF (Oct 19) and since then he was a fixed starter and turned to be the best player on the season. His saves were crucial to add some points, he ended as the 8th keeper with more clean sheets in la liga (11) and the 9th with more saves (78). Some of his saves were real miracles, like the triple save against Atlético (April 18) and the key save against FC Barcelona during the closing matchday. Without doubt he was determinant.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.5

German Lux –Secondary- (630) He was the starting keeper in the promotion campaign at Segunda, but on this season he didn’t have a good start after suffering an injury during the Colombian tour in the pre-season. The Argentine lacked form and his defence didn’t help, and after allowing 19 goals within the first 7 matchdays he was benched. With Fabricio doing a great job he stayed on the bench for the rest of the season and only played twice in Copa.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.0

Manuel Pablo –Oldie- (343) The veteran captain of Deportivo was called to have a very secondary role with Víctor Fernández, he wasn’t getting minutes and at some point on the campaign it was even rumored that he was going to be the second coach. The Canarian was only playing in Copa until the coach was forced to use him as a centre-back for the visit to Real Madrid (2-0). He had a respectable performance, but soon returned to the bench. It was until the arrival of Víctor Sánchez that he got the chance to play, because Manuel Pablo played in 4 of the 8 games with the new boss, this time performing as a left-back. Again he had a respectful performance, he was unlucky to get injured in the home clash with Levante UD and missed the last game against FC Barcelona.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Laure –Resurrected- (1,358). Similar case than Manuel Pablo, the Madrilenian was one of the players that was changed after matchday 07 as the defence was having a terrible performance. Since then he played from time to time and when Víctor Fernández had a punctual need on the right side of the defence. It was until the arrival of Víctor Sánchez that he regained a place as a starter and his performance improved a lot. Laure was a starter in the last four liga games and was one of the reasons that helped Depor to clinch the permanence in the last part of the league. 
RCDLC.com rating: 7.0

Juanfran Moreno –Multifaceted- (2,750) He was the fourth player with more minutes and the second new signings with more participation in the team. Víctor Fernández liked him for his multifunctional skills as he can perform as a winger and also as a right-back defender. He was constant in his performance, though also criticized for his lack of aim with the crosses and his poor passing ratio (only 72%, the 8th lowest at the team). Víctor Sánchez used him more as a winger as he started to play with a system with four full-backs on the field. He completed 24 appearances as a right-back and 10 as a winger. His best moment was to score a beautiful goal in the last game at home facing Levante (May 17).
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Albert Lopo –Suffered- (2,676) He was hardly criticized all season long as he seemed too slow and erratic, the Catalan was part of the starting team that had a terrible start in the first matchdays, but wasn’t replaced and stayed as one of the fixed centre-backs with both Víctor Fernández and Víctor Sánchez. It’s also true that there was a noticeable improvement at the end of the season, which coincided with the moment when he scored his two goals on the season. The first was very important as it meant a late equalizer against Athletic Club (May 09) and one week later he was netting one of the goals against Levante UD.
RCDLC.com rating: 7.5

Sidnei Rechel –Rock- (2,879) Without doubt the best signing on the season, he was the second player with more minutes in liga and didn’t have any problem to earn a spot at the starting eleven despite arriving on deadline day during the summer. He was the leader in defence and the reference of the team, despite he lived dark moments like the 2-8 loss before Real Madrid. The Brazilian also called the attention for been a player that likes to join the attacks, he didn’t score, but managed to provide two assists. One of them was a great play eluding three rivals to assist Riera for the home game with Atlético (April 8)
RCDLC.com rating: 8.5

Pablo Insua –Forgotten- (1,225) After been one of the most important players in the promotion to Primera, he was now the third choice at the centre of the defence behind Sidnei and Lopo. He only made seventeen appearances in liga and paid the price for it, because the 21-year-old defender didn’t look good in the games in which he played. Since the team was lacking centre-backs at the start of the season he begun the tournament as a starter, he was one of the changes introduced after matchday 07, but quickly Víctor Fernández dropped him from the starting formation and never regained that status.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5

Modibo Diakité -Unlucky- (180) There’s always a centre-back with a terrible luck at Deportivo, in past seasons that role was even for consecrated men like Colotto, Lopo and Coloccini. This time the bad luck was for the Frenchman, who arrived on deadline day together with Sidnei. Víctor Fernández considered him as the fourth centre-back and only played against the big two clubs from Madrid. Unluckily he was starter in the debacle against Real Madrid and committed two errors that led to goals. Marked by this negative impression he only retuned to play for the visit to Atlético Madrid (Nov 30) and had a more acceptable performance this time, but it was too later. Diakité didn’t like his situation and left during the winter window. His bad luck didn’t end there, because he went to Italy only to suffer the relegation with Cagliari at Serie A.
RCDLC.com rating: 5.5

Borja López –Unused- (0). The only player at the first team that didn’t play any minute. It was a caprice from the sporting direction, he was signed in order to cover the departure of Diakité. The 21-year-old defender was called to be the emergency solution in case of problems with the centre-backs, but when the emergency occurred, for the visit to Real Madrid (February 14) with both Sidnei and Lopo out, Víctor Fernández got scared and preferred to play with Manuel Pablo as a centre-back.
RCDLC.com rating: -

Luisinho –Consecrated- (2,991) Finally Depor found a proper left-back. After demonstrating last year that he could be the starting left-back at Segunda, now the Portuguese demonstrated that he can be a valid player at Primera. He was the player with more minutes and a reference for both Víctor Fernández and Víctor Sánchez. He even played six times as a winger, two of them with Víctor Sánchez, though always performed better at defence. Once again his strong character was his weakness, because he was the second player with more yellows (10) and was also sent off against Córdoba CF (April 8)

Roberto Canella –Wasted- (450) When his arrival to Depor was announced it was considered as an interesting signing, because the former captain of Sporting was bringing depth and mainly competition to the left side of the defence. But he never convinced Víctor Fernández after been a starter in the first two games. His last game in 2014 was visiting Villarreal CF (December 21). When Víctor Sánchez arrived he continued to be out of the plans for his lack of form, even when the coach opted in playing with four full backs on the field, the new boss preferred to play with Manuel Pablo switching the side. With Luisinho suspended for the final matchday the Asturian had a final chance, but even then he was unlucky after only playing 39 minutes at the Camp Nou as he suffered a shoulder injury.



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