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01 Jun 2015
Midfielder Josť RodrŪguez conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the centre midfielder confessed that he never felt comfortable performing as a winger. The Valencian player also left the sense that he wonít come back to Depor.

Q: Where are you?
A: In Alicante and with the family. I was in Madrid to see my brother [He plays in Real Madridís academy] and I came here to spend the holidays with my family.

Q: Are you still with the boost of the permanence or are you already thinking about next season?
A: I'm very happy for what happened on Saturday. It was what we all wanted. We needed it after a hard year.

Q: Hard for Depor, but also for you.
A: Yes itís true that I had a very difficult season, I didnít feel important, especially at the end, but from then to not celebrate a permanence... The club, especially the president, and people from CoruŮa have treated me very well. Phenomenal, I think.

Q: In this list we are missing the coach.
A: With the coach, I think, I was never able to understand him well. I didnít count for him and never had clear the reason why. I not even know why he decided to count with me on the last day. I have always asked the same to all the coaches that I had: to understand that Iím a player in formation. That Iím only 20 and really want to learn. And that I can be wrong, but I need them to tell me what they want from me. I like them to be very clear. With the previous coach I also felt so at the start, but then he finally came and told me how things were. I ask no more; then he put me sometimes and sometimes donít, but I knew what I had to do.

Q: With that in mind, do you mean that you wonít return to Depor?
A: Comeback? I donít know. I said that I am very happy with many things that have happened to me on this season. I have been in the best changing room in which I entered in my career, for example. And I felt the affection of the fans on the street and at the stadium. But the reality is what it is and in the past two months they didnít tell me anything. I guess that if they ask me to return then I would talk to the coach first, because I would need to know if Iím part of his plans and what he wants from me. Anyway, I am a Real Madrid player and itís the club we have to talk first.

Q: Real Madrid sent you here to grow. Did you grow?
A: Yes of course. I'm a better player than when I arrived, there's no doubt. Among other things, because I had never played one season at Primera and now I have that experience. 25 games at the age of 20 arenít a few. I have lived with people who have gone through all kinds of situations, people like Lopo, Manuel Pablo or Tochť. And from them I learned a lot. Well, sometimes being on the bench is also good. I say hustler.

Q: Besides you played in a new position.
A: Yes, but I think that it wasnít fine for me. The right wing was never my place and I neither think it is going to be. Although there have been some good games, as against Athletic. But my best match of the season was with the U-21 squad, playing in my natural position. The call-up was one of the greatest joys of the year.

Q: Do you regret for coming here?
A: No. Depor have fantastic fans, who had to overcome terrible moments like the murder of Jimmy, and they treated me really well in A CoruŮa. I have met people who have surprised me. Cuenca, for example. I never thought I could have a relationship with someone from Barca [he laughs]. And good players like Lucas. I think that if he wouldnít been injured so long then history would have been different. Then there were several players on the team with a great level that were never seized. But in the end we are saved, that was what everyone needed.

Q: Be honest, did you see Depor at Segunda at the Camp Nou?
A: In the break I asked Barros [Deporís delegate] how Eibarís game was. 2-0 he told me and yes, I saw us at Segunda. I thought: "God, another relegation."

Q: With the goal from Lucas the pessimism should have ended.
A: I, until Salom„o scored, didnít see us saved. It is true that when Haris entered everything changed, we started playing better, but in front it was Barca. Then there was a huge release after a difficult year.

Q: Were you surprised to see the president in the locker room at half-time?
A: Look, I think people were wrong with this president. And yes, he could be wrong, especially with the fans, who passed a bad time and still have helped us a lot, but he's a normal guy who loves the club. I think it's hard to realize how difficult it has been for him, and despite this he has always kept his word. When we gathered for lunch he told us what he wanted from us and what the plan was. And the true is that he fulfilled his word.

Q: Did Depor tell you anything about wanting you to come back?
A: No. I havenít talked to my agent, but he sent me messages about the interest of several clubs from Primera and abroad. Letís see what Real Madrid tell us.



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