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02 Jun 2015
Juanfran Moreno conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the full-back is happy at Deportivo and wants to continue at the club; he explained the reasons and also how the team suffered throughout the season that has ended.

Q: Did you imagine a season like this when you arrived?
A: I would have liked to be among the top six. I donít want again to repeat a year like this, because you spend a bad time. Here you saw that things were there, you needed one game, but you werenít winning. We spent many games without a win and thatís hard. And although in the end the pleasure is huge, you donít need to suffer so much.

Q: Is a compensation?
A: Yes, because I want to continue and if I want to do it, it is because the joy of the good moments outweighs the suffering. It was worth everything to give an important boost to Depor, because economically it needed a lot this permanence.

Q: You already had gone through similar situations in your career, what has been found here that you didnít live before?
A: There was a large group, with very good people. I must admit that I felt pleasantly surprised by the president. He gave his life for Depor. I wish everyone could see what he has done this year for Depor, because when I saw him going down to San Mamťsí changing room I said: "This really is a president." He had guts and, really, the person for whom I was glad to achieve the permanence is for him. I have rejoiced more for him than for me. Because he has suffered, I have been fortunate to have conversations with him and Iím delighted. He deserves it, because this last month he has been over the squad, has spoken to us, has given us confidence. The true is that he deserves it.

Q: What you comment from San Mamťs is what was reflected in the act, Tino FernŠndez went down to the changing room at halftime to talk to the referee.
A: Yes, thatís it. He came down to the changing room, because we thought he had taken from us a legal goal and came to fight with us, as I say. And he spoke with the referee, always politely, I can say it because I was there, and those are small pushes to help you to continue. He has spent a bad moment and I'm glad that everything turned out well in the end. We had a relation president-player, three or four conversations, but I liked it a lot. And itís one of the things that encourage me to continue, because they want to do things right.

Q: You have a contract with Watford, side that just clinched the promotion, what are the chances of staying at Depor?
A: Now let's wait and see what Deportivo say. Here I have been fortunate to play it all, I had a great time, although I finished very tired and I noticed that I didnít do the pre-season, but I'm very happy and they told me that they are happy with me too, then let's see what the intention is. They know that my intention is to continue and if itís possible, then it will welcomed and if isnít possible this year, then hopefully someday I could return to enjoy the Riazor and A CoruŮa, because Iím very happy with this experience.

Q: I understand that the fact that you can stay at Deportivo it depends more on the club than on you.
A: If they have the intention, I do what I can to get it. Itís important that if the two sides want it, and we are together, then I'm sure itís possible.

Q: How you predict that Deportivo will be next season?
A: I see it fine. It's another reason to continue. The next Deportivo looks great and want to continue on it. I have seen the daily life of the coach, the sporting direction, how they are with us and how we wanted to pull this off. Obviously they want to make a good Depor, a Depor that wonít suffer and that will start growing again and it looks great. A CoruŮa is a great place to make things right. At Depor if things start to go well, then it's a great place, because itís a great stadium, great fans and a great city. It has everything to be a good place at Primera Divisiůn.

Q: What are you feelings regarding the season that has just ended?
A: Better impossible, because the goal has been hard to achieve, it was hard in Bilbao, but in the end we succeeded, even suffering more than necessary, but the important thing was to keep Deportivo and we can say that Deportivo is where it deserves.

Q: You couldnít play at the Camp Nou due to an injury, but maybe it was the game in which you suffered the most.
A: We all suffered a lot all throughout the season: the players, the fans, the president, the reporters... But after seeing the joy of the fans everything is more rewarding and now itís time to rest and plan the next season to not suffer so much.

Q: What was the hardest moment of the season?
-A: We lived a very hard moment, which was that a fan died that way. That pain marked us all the way. Now I just hope that justice could be done.

Q: And the best?
A: The salvation and, above all, to see the partners after so much work and so much suffering having their reward, it was the best.




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