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03 Jun 2015
Deporís coach conceded several interviews on last week; the following in a summary of the main inquiries that were responded. He talked of singings, Fabrilís players, the pre-season and what he lived in the season that has just ended.

Q: What basic qualities must be present in the new players?
A: The idea is to search for competitive players. We gave a great value to polyvalent players, because they open many possibilities, both for the tactical level and for all eventualities that may occur throughout the season. The competitive factor and versatility are important elements. The squads have to be made with all kinds of ingredients. Whatís important is that the spinal cord is a critical thing where we need to have a proven performance with very competitive people, itís essential, but it doesnít mean that you need a signing for each position. You have to see what opportunities are offered by the market and appreciate what we have to make combinations of experience and youth, later we need to fit everything, because everything adds.

Q: Is your wish to not have too many loaned players or with short contracts?
A: We arenít conditioning the requirements in terms of each contract. The demand of performance is high for all. Some will have a contract with certain characteristics, and others with have different clauses, the coach has nothing to do with that. Itís a particular issue between the players and the club. At the time of preparing the squad one of the important elements is the sense of a team. We seek this profile in the players who have very clear that the team's interests are above everything else. From our position of a humble club we have to compete with much larger budgets, one element is to enhance the collective performance.

Q: Last season the club signed almost at a zero cost, this year is there some amount in order to pay a transfer?
A: That's private information and we cannot make it public, because it isnít my job to say it. Thatís a matter of the club. We have had meetings and talked about positions in which we want to be strengthened, which are many.

Q: Would you make a special effort to sign goals?
A: We want to win games and for it you have to score goals, but we are very happy because in these eight games the team scored in all the games except in one. Hopefully that statistic can continue. Obviously the strikers are more likely to score, but for us itís important to have variety in all the players that score.

Q: Taking into account the economic constraints at the club, is it possible to incorporate a striker that guarantees more than a dozen of goals?
A: In life anything is possible. It's about wanting, work and fight to get it. Many people thought it was impossible that Depor could be saved, and we succeeded. Why isnít going to be possible to bring us what we want?

Q: But is this a priority, finding that scorer?
A: It isnít a priority. We have many priorities, because we have only nine players under contract.

Q: How many signings do you estimate that are required?
A: I'd like to have a squad that isnít too long, because we want to have very closely the Fabrilís players, around 21 or 22 players. So the signings to be made are the needed ones to reach that number.

Q: Do you expect that there will be any sale, as for example Fabricio, to balance the books?
A: I donít expect it and neither wanted it. The markets are open to all kinds of situations. We need to make additions and players may wish to go out or maybe there are good offers for players who are under contract. These are situations that must be analyzed by the parties involved and the coach will give his opinion when heís asked.

Q: Would the continuity of Sidnei and Lucas mean great news to lay a solid foundation in the making of the new squad?
A: We donít want to give names and neither can give names. We are in a competitive market where the price of the players depends on many issues and public information is one of those factors that makes the price move. In the market there are also rivals. We have to move wisely.

Q: What would bring on and off the field if you count with Manuel Pablo for another year?
A: My opinion about Manuel and any other player has been said before and it is in the area where it should be. We cannot make it public.

Q: What is the situation of Alberto Lopo?
A: Lopo is delighted at Deportivo, this is information. He will fulfill his contract and will fight for staying many more years here.

Q: Do you already have an opinion on the future of the loanees: Seoane, Luis and Saul?
A: We're working on that and we will analyze their situation. Decisions on all players who are under contract will be taken.

Q: But will they begin the pre-season with the group?
A: It's that by this day the list of players for the pre-season isnít ready.

Q: Do you see feasible to have the squad closed at 90% when you begin the trainings?
A: We are working on it, the market rules. What we will do is to work. We cannot give anyone time. The team's performance depends on a solid teamwork. Itís vital to structure well the pre-season, and for this reason itís very important to have the big part of the squad for the beginning. The more elements of the group we have, the better. If you have to do some final adjustments due to the market or whatever, then it should have the lesser impact, because in this job during, the summer, you have to consolidate all aspects to reach the start of the season in the best conditions. The competition starts on the first day. We cannot wait for anything. We have to go out and compete form the first moment.

Q: What would be the main hallmarks of the team?
A: Some brushstrokes were already seen in the last eight games. Deportivo have to have that competitive nature that was seen in seven of the eight games, the lunar was Elche. One of the slogans of the fans, 'this crowd never gives up', I have repeated it many times to the players. The hallmark that we must keep. Another sign is that the games have 90 minutes in order to be won. Our team will try to go out and win in all the fields, sometimes with some changes and sometimes with others, but going out for the win. And then there are other things we understand didnít apply in an emergency situation like the one we faced, with very little time to maneuver, and that will be developed from pre-season, because we want to grow and for that it takes time and work.

Q: Will you build up the team from behind, based mainly on the defensive strength?
A: I donít know. What we have very clear is that the team has to defend and attack with eleven men. Itís something we have worked since we arrived and has allowed us to be more compact, more solid and thus you increase the options for the counterattack.

Q: Is the only goal the salvation, or if it can be comfortably?
A: It's not the time to fix a goal, because it would be to guess when we havenít yet prepared the squad, and it would not make sense. What is already established is that the minimum objective is the permanence, because if we are in Primera our minimum goal is to stay in the league. In pre-season we will develop this important work that will allow us to have a stable and lasting performance during the competition.

Q: Would you sign another outcome like this year, agonizing but happy?
A: All my life I have had a competitive and winning mentality, and never sign anything before starting. We have a chance to win every game and will exploit it.

Q: What is the summary of your eight matches on the bench of Depor?
A: The most important summary is that the objective was achieved and to see the fans and the team united. That was vital, because when you get a team in a difficult situation and in a bad dynamic, then the most important thing is the mental aspect. We have done much emphasis on this aspect and for that the fans have been fundamental in the mental recovery.

Q: Did you see yourself at Segunda when the score was 2-0 against Barcelona?
A: No, because in my head it doesnít enter future approaches during the games. We never lose faith. The meetings last 90 minutes and must never give up.

Q: What is the greatest virtue that you have seen in the team?
A:  Overcoming adversity. Being in a negative dynamic is complicated, to face adversity taking in mind the rivals that we faced. The team, for example, has to overcome negative results in five games. We competed very well.

Q: And the biggest flaw?
A: We would have liked to have won more games and itís a spark that we had, but we must keep in mind that we had tough rivals. However, despite winning only once, we have always competed except the day of Elche.

Q: Last year there was a much talked tour in Colombia; will there be long trips this summer?
A: I asked that the pre-season can be as organized as possible. We know there are obligations of the club, but everything can be fit to be optimal. For us it is interesting to be around La CoruŮa, there is a suitable climate and also during the breaks you can approach to see the family, for example, but it must meet the necessary conditions.




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