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05 Jun 2015
The club decided to start the pre-season in the Hotel & golf club Guitiriz. It’s the base that Víctor Sánchez was searching in order to launch next season. The club still has to confirm if it will take part in the LFP summer tour.

The first stage of the pre-season was announced on Wednesday as the club confirmed that the base will be the Hotel & golf club Guitiriz. The hotel is located in the middle of A Coruña and Lugo and it’s used as a facility to play golf, host weddings and conferences. It also has water treatments and is a destiny for people wanting to relax.

The first team will be concentrated there between July 6 & 17. Coach Víctor Sánchez Del Amo already stated that this stage is really important as it will be useful to establish the base that he wants for the regular season. According to the plan the team will be making three training sessions per day, the physical and relaxation sessions will take place in the hotel, but the  tactical sessions will have to take place at Abegondo, though it won’t be a problem as the hotel is only 30 minutes away from A Coruña.

With the first stage closed, now the club can focus in closing the rest of the pre-season. It isn’t official, but the LFP is planning to launch the Primera and Segunda season 2015/16 on August 15/16. It means that Depor will have a month after ending the first stage in order to play friendly games.

A possibility is that Deportivo can take part again of the LFP challenge, which means to make long trips, probably to South America or Asia. Last year there was a problem as Depor were unable to make a concentration before making a pre-season trip to Colombia, which was understood as a failure in the preparation of the season.

Another thing to define is the Teresa Herrera. Normally the tournament takes two weeks before beginning to compete in liga (between August 7 & 11), but with the tournament starting earlier it should be played between August 7 & 9 and it could return to the format of only one game.




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