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06 Jun 2015
Midfielder Juan Dominguez conceded a press conference on Friday and talked of his renewal. He said that it wasn’t conditioned to the permanence and talked again of the offers that he received.

Juan Dominguez signed his three-year extension on Friday. The club made a press conference to announce the deal and the midfielder talked to reporters, “It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m really happy. Before it was virtually signed and today it is already real. It was done since a time ago, we already had an agreement.” He started saying.

Later the midfielder explained what it means for him to sign an extension at the club where he debuted,
"For me it’s a great joy, because it’s the club where I always wanted to be and want to stay longer. I felt a lot of support and interest from the club in order to renew. I wanted it too and that's why it was clear that I was going to continue. My attitude was to stay here but first I want to play football."

He also stated that the renewal wasn’t depending on clinching the permanence, “The fact of the league where we were going to play was never a problem, because we had reached an agreement before. It was lucky to meet the interest from other clubs, but evidently I rejected those offers and I stayed here because it is the best. I never analyzed another offer apart from this.”

Juan Dominguez and Fernando Vidal during the press conference

A journalist asked if he would like to retire at Deportivo, and the response was, “I am aging. I am not the one that debuted at 19. I am 25 now, so I am not thinking of the place where I’m going to hang up the boots. For now I am only thinking of enjoying this contract.”

Finally, Dominguez believes that the club is working in the right way with the academy, “I’m sure that things are going to improve with time. The work done with the academy is good. It depends a lot of the coach too, but since I started the only idea that I had was that everyone should have the same opportunities, no matter the place where you were coming.”




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