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07 Jun 2015
Luisinho conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the left-back talked of the keys to achieve the permanence, the expectations for next season and his ambition of playing for Portugalís national team.

Q: What Deportivo do you predict for the coming season?
A: I think the main expectation is by not repeating what happened this year. It was a pretty hard and challenging year. But right now Deportivo have all the conditions to make a much better preparation. It has enough time for that. It went through the experience. We knew this season was quite important for the club. Now the expectations are the best, we are confident enough that the president and the board will make a great effort to not go through by that again, and I hope that for next season Deportivo will make a big squad and will be quieter at the standings

Q: Would it be desirable that Deportivo can get more players in property or that their future could be linked to the team?
A: When there are many loaned players people always think they are not involved. It is true that the team had many loanees, but everyone wanted the salvation of Depor. Of course I also prefer that there could more players in property or coming from the academy, because itís different and you think differently, but we were paddling in the same direction. Now, to help people from the academy to make the jump to the first team, it cannot only be a benefit for the moment, but also to a possible sale.

Q: Many of your colleagues want to continue; do you think there is a base on the last squad to grow in a new project?
A: Yes thereís a base. There were quite important players and I think that Depor have to start there. There is a base and then you have to sign new ones, of course, but to completely start over again it would be a step back. It isnít the same to sign thirteen or fourteen players than only four or five. The base is there, now we have to prepare it well and settle to see Depor forgetting of the serious financial problems that have been suffered.

Q: What are the feelings with Victor?
A: Honestly, I think that Depor was playing well with the previous coach, what happens is that the results didnít come and when this happens the first that leaves is the coach. I think we played well. Clearly the change to the new coach motivated the players that werenít playing, but itís a cycle thatís beginning, it has good things. The others and me are in fact knowing each other and letís see how the pre-season is, it will be very important for the team.

Q: In a personal level what is your next challenge? What do you want to achieve next season?
A: My goal is always to strive for teamís challenges, the idea is always to have a quiet season, and on a personal level also to think about getting to play with the national team, because I still didnítí do it, but I feel thatís near. Iím always working for this and I think the day will come, with my work and being professional I think the day will come and is one of the goals that I want for my career.

Q: What do you think of the season?
A: It was a very difficult campaign, but the goal was achieved, because it passed through achieving the salvation, we got it with much suffering. We knew we were going to start a very difficult league, all the problems that we lived from the start, but it was achieved and we all are content for the conquest.

Q: Among everything that happened in the season, what was the most difficult thing?
A: The most difficult thing was to spend so many games without a win. Over there we saw things a little bad, because we were playing to avoid relegation and there was a growing pressure before the end and we werenít going out of that zone. That was one the most difficult moments of the season, but the team was able to go up, we always remained united and managed to turn around the situation.

Q: To what extent it influenced the change of the coach to achieve the permanence?
A: When thereís a change you always want to show to the new coach that you are with the team, a change is always positive in that sense, but the team already had good players. Victor came to help us, but the whole team was already united and in the same boat. And I think the key was that, each one never went by their side and that was key to salvation.

Q: Who called your attention at the changing room?
A: Fabricio. He entered into the formations and was fine, and when he grabbed the starting spot he never left it. So I think the biggest surprise was him and Sidnei, who helped us a lot throughout the season. Both were very important players for Deportivo.



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